You might have heard about this latest trend in architecture of building houses out of shipping containers. As it happens with any new thing that appears on the market, of course there are a lot of pros and cons regarding this revolutionary method but me personally I taught it is a really cool idea so I started digging into it.

Because of being a “Planet friend” as I like to call myself, the first advantage that caught my attention was the recycling part where you get to use those shipping containers that are out-of-service and give them a new meaning. I know most of the ones that are used in this scope are unfortunately almost brand new ones but if this aspect is important to you, as it is for me, you can find companies that use “oldies but goldies”. Now, yet another con to this idea was that the old ones are not in good shape anymore and can be even dangerous to build your house with them but the truth is that the material can be treated and reconditioned.

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This is how I took every advantage of the new home architectural method, the cons against each and tried to find a balance between facts and what I would want my future home to be like. In the end, I have decide that it’d fit my desires and also my financial needs. The next phase was to investigate which are the steps that one should follow in order to get the desired results in the construction of “The Dream House”. After searching around I have also talked with some people that activate in the field to have a clear picture of the steps that we’ll have to take.
Even though designing the house on your own might sound interesting at first, I would really recommend having some professionals looking over your shoulder at any step in the project. We might have good ideas, but let’s face it, we cannot see the things in such details as an architect/designer/engineer would. They will actually take your ideas and give them shape and form and the end result, you.’ll love it!
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Besides, from a safety point of view you’d also want somebody that really has the knowledge to help you out. Choosing the material for a safe and strong foundation and roof, choosing the containers themselves and how to attach them are steps that in my opinion really need guidance from experts.
For now, until the designer come with a sketch of what will soon be my home I will watch the video below and dream of how it’s going to be. If you think this is interesting, hit play and imagine how your shipping containers house could be.