If you’ve ever traveled from the US to Europe and vice versa you will definitely agree with me when I say them flights are way too long, like just the jet lag itself is not enough. I was not really enjoying my flight as for me the maximum time I can stay on a plain without getting all grumpy and not being able to enjoy my stay afterwards is around 6 hours.
This being said, I started arranging my travel details in such way to avoid having flights longer than 6 hours. For example, if I fly to or from Eastern Europe I always book flights with a long layover in western countries like UK, France and others. Not only that I arrive to my destination with a fresh temper and ready to get it going, but I also have the chance to shortly visit a new place or revive the old nice experiences from the places I’ve been before.

By the beginning of last year, while I was planning another trip to Europe, I got a hold of this happy low-fare airline that just recently started operating transatlantic flights. The company named WOW Air is based in Iceland and there is no wonder they call it like that because their fairs are really WOW.
Even though the prices are jaw-dropping and caught my attention that’s not what made me book those flights and probably many more in the future. What was it? the way they operate their long-haul flights. All their flights have a layover in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. I couldn’t believe it! I found a way to split my trip in half and also with a little luck I was going to see the Northern Lights, as it was winter time.

Getting everything ready for my long layover has never been easier as I found all the details I needed on the airline’s website. They have a special area on their portal named “WOW Stopover” where they offer information on what is there to do and see in Reykjavik and it’s close or far surroundings, depending on how long you want your stay in Iceland to be.
For my first layover in this wonderful, and I mean it, country I stayed for 28 hours and I would have stayed more if I could. By the time I got there my day was planned out already as I knew that after a 5 hours flight I will be just fine. I had no reason to fear I will be too tired. I arrived to my half-way destination in the morning, booked a car and checked in at the hotel I was going to spend the night over then I went on my way to explore The Golden Circle.

My one day trip was amazing as I got to see three equally stunning locations in southwest Iceland. Þingvellir National Park was my first stop which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is the only place on Earth were we can see the Mid Atlantic Ridge, place where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet, above sea level. The second stop was the Geysir Geothermal Area where I was able to see the geysir Strokkur throwing water 20 to 40 meters up into the air at about every ten minutes. And my last stop for the day was Gullfoss Waterfall that took my breath away as with the closer you get it gives the impression that the river just beautifully vanishes into the earth.
After this amazing day I had a good sleep at my hotel and I was more than ready to continue my trip the next day with a lot of stories to tell and wonderful images stored in my head.