Don’t get me wrong, the US is a beautiful and diverse country, from the breathtaking natural attractions to their impressive cities there are many things that they got right.

But many other things are so wrong! As a foreigner that had lived in the States for a while now, I can still say there are a lot of things that boggle my mind. And it’s not me, it’s all the foreigners I know. Here below I have listed some of the mistakes I truly believe should be corrected.

Cities being designed for cars, rather than humans
No sidewalks, or narrow ones, but multilane streets and giant parking lots is something that I can’t cope with. It might be also because people DRIVE even to the corner store that’s 50 meters away but I still find it annoying when I want to walk somewhere and can’t find a proper sidewalk to do so.

The measurement systems
Be it weight, distance or height in the US you have it different from the rest of the world. Some are proudly saying this makes them special. IF special in their vocabulary means annoying and ancient than they’re right. How are feet still a thing? It is about time for the US to join the rest of the world and embrace the metric system.
Using a question for a greeting
Even after years of being in the States I still have the tendency sometimes to start monologuing about my well-being when asked “How are you?” by the sales clerk at the grocery store. At the beginning I was really talking about my day and asking about theirs. Of course the answer never came and I am pretty sure I am not the only one that’s been through this.

Too much ice!
I just can not get my head around how the drinks in the states are mostly ice. I can barely drink it as it’s that cold and I am paying for ICE. In who’s mind a drink-to-ice ratio makes sense at 30:70?

The So Unnecessary AC settings
It is just wrong to freeze in the middle of the summer when entering a regular shop, to see people carrying jackets to put on when on the bus where the temperature seems to be on some special frequency called “Arctic”. And poor us that receive “office blankets” to cope with the cold in the office. Wouldn’t it make more sense to adjust the temperature at a normal, comfortable temperature?

The coins in the US are confusing
What’s up with all those nicknames you have for each coin? How are people supposed to figure that a dime is worth more than a nickel when in size it is smaller? The names and sizes say nothing about their value.