When Su Yun bought a dog a couple years ago, he was surprised by how much the dog was eating: “A bucket of fruits and a lot of noodles.” Soon the family discovered why the “puppy” had such a big appetite: what seemed to be be a dog, transformed into a huge bear.

The family realized that the “puppy” was walking in 2 legs and didn’t stop growing. “The more it grows, the more it looks like a bear. I am a scared by bears,” said Yun, a villager who lives near Kunming in Yunnan Province.

The animal was taken to Yunnan’s Wildlife Rescue Center after the family asked for help. Staff were so intimidated by the bear, so it was sedated before transport. The animal was identified as an extinct Asian black bear, which would cost thousands of pounds if sold on the black market.

The family says they bought the animal believing he was a Tibetan mastiff during a vacation in 2016.