Looking fresh! Feeling fresh! Smelling fresh! One can say that this adjective plays an important role in our day since we all want to score high on all freshness levels.
One step most of us take in this sense is to try and freshen up our house, giving it a unique fresh scent. In order to achieve this we sometimes end up spending wads of cash and still not get the results we wanted.

It’s clear that we want to find ways to keep the house smelling fresh without spending all those dollars on air fresheners, right? Aside from the fact that it has been proven that most of these products affect our health, I was determined to find a less expensive and more practical way to keep my house “smell like home”.

Did I find it? YES I did! And it’s simpler than I taught. A mason jar, backing soda, essential oil of your taste and some cute fabric that would nicely fit in the décor it’s all you need.
And if you’re not convinced yet, think about the aromatherapy benefits of the Essential Oils. For example, Peppermint Oil alleviates headaches and Lavender Oil can help you relax.
Just watch the video hereunder and chose your favorite essential oil!