How to build your own shipping container home

You might have heard about this latest trend in architecture of building houses out of shipping containers. As it happens with any new thing that appears on the market, of course there are a lot of pros and cons regarding this revolutionary method but me personally I taught it is a really cool idea so I started digging into it.

Because of being a “Planet friend” as I like to call myself, the first advantage that caught my attention was the recycling part where you get to use those shipping containers that are out-of-service and give them a new meaning. I know most of the ones that are used in this scope are unfortunately almost brand new ones but if this aspect is important to you, as it is for me, you can find companies that use “oldies but goldies”. Now, yet another con to this idea was that the old ones are not in good shape anymore and can be even dangerous to build your house with them but the truth is that the material can be treated and reconditioned.

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This is how I took every advantage of the new home architectural method, the cons against each and tried to find a balance between facts and what I would want my future home to be like. In the end, I have decide that it’d fit my desires and also my financial needs. The next phase was to investigate which are the steps that one should follow in order to get the desired results in the construction of “The Dream House”. After searching around I have also talked with some people that activate in the field to have a clear picture of the steps that we’ll have to take.
Even though designing the house on your own might sound interesting at first, I would really recommend having some professionals looking over your shoulder at any step in the project. We might have good ideas, but let’s face it, we cannot see the things in such details as an architect/designer/engineer would. They will actually take your ideas and give them shape and form and the end result, you.’ll love it!
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Besides, from a safety point of view you’d also want somebody that really has the knowledge to help you out. Choosing the material for a safe and strong foundation and roof, choosing the containers themselves and how to attach them are steps that in my opinion really need guidance from experts.
For now, until the designer come with a sketch of what will soon be my home I will watch the video below and dream of how it’s going to be. If you think this is interesting, hit play and imagine how your shipping containers house could be.

Claire releases brand new song, daddy joins and melts everyone’s heart

Have you ever lessened to this gorgeous little girl songs? Her name is Claire Ryann Crosby and she has just turned five not too long ago. Even if she is that young, she’s already known as a little star as, mostly together with her dad, she has went viral with numerous songs on Youtube that reached millions of views.
She started singing by the time she just started talking. You won’t believe it but, her parents shared how they were amazed when, at just one year and a half old, Claire started singing the song Dave, her father, used to always sing her to sleep with.

After a few episodes where the little girl caught everyone’s attention by breaking into the songs playing in her surroundings, her parents decided it was about time to start recording her and sharing her blissful voice with us all. Her songs were mostly about her favorite Disney Princesses but this latest song it’s something else, it will definitely give you chills.

Claire auditioned at “The Voice” and had some wonderful performances at The Ellen Degeneres Show, Little Big Shots by Steve Harvey and others. Even if you haven’t seen all of her previous videos and TV appearances you will definitely fall in love with her at first sight as you watch the video hereunder where she so beautifully sings her faith in God!

One can say this parents have been really blessed as Claire is not the only gorgeous child of the couple, she has a younger brother Carson that has also started singing. And guess what? They revealed that soon enough the family will receive with a lot of joy a new member, another little girl!
Watch the video and let little Claire and her father brighten your day!

Simple way to fabricate your own natural air freshener. Just 4 ingredients DIY at home.

Looking fresh! Feeling fresh! Smelling fresh! One can say that this adjective plays an important role in our day since we all want to score high on all freshness levels.
One step most of us take in this sense is to try and freshen up our house, giving it a unique fresh scent. In order to achieve this we sometimes end up spending wads of cash and still not get the results we wanted.

It’s clear that we want to find ways to keep the house smelling fresh without spending all those dollars on air fresheners, right? Aside from the fact that it has been proven that most of these products affect our health, I was determined to find a less expensive and more practical way to keep my house “smell like home”.

Did I find it? YES I did! And it’s simpler than I taught. A mason jar, backing soda, essential oil of your taste and some cute fabric that would nicely fit in the décor it’s all you need.
And if you’re not convinced yet, think about the aromatherapy benefits of the Essential Oils. For example, Peppermint Oil alleviates headaches and Lavender Oil can help you relax.
Just watch the video hereunder and chose your favorite essential oil!

Keep avocados green for months! Easy way to enjoy cheap fresh avocados even off-season

Are you also an avocado lover? Then you will be thrilled to find out that you can actually enjoy this tasteful fruits all year round without having to spend extra money on them when they are off-season.
I don’t know about you but me personally whenever I step into a market to do my groceries and pick some avocados I wish it was late summer/early autumn. It sounds crazy, I know, but we must admit that, besides having to search for those that are ready to eat, avocados can be a bit pricy especially if you want the organic ones.

Avocados come in various sizes, shapes and colors mainly determined by the origin of this super fruit which is now being cultivated in all subtropical areas in the world. Depending on the type of avocado its nutritional value might differ a little but there is now doubt that with the deliciousness you are also helping your body stay strong, especially your heart.

Now, soon avocado season will be here and you will enjoy their freshness at a cheaper price. But how can we take advantage of the low price and store them for later on if they ripen up in less than 2 weeks?
After watching the video down below I realized the answer was always right under my nose. You just freeze them! Jodi Brown shares this simple trick that you’ll definitely want to check out and try.