Most people don’t know who performed it, but you’ll definitely recognize the song

Israel Ka’ano’i Kamakawiwo’ole was known as “Iz” or sometimes “Big Iz” or “The Gentle Giant” but it’s his music and soft singing that people really remember him by
His big size is contrasted by his lovely voice and gentle strumming o fthe strings. He contributed to his culture in Hawaii a great deal during his short life.
Sadly, his size also took a toll on his health and he passed away young at the age of 38 back in 1997. His music remains however, and he’s still warming hearts today.
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World record ! A driver had 18 passengers in a 5-seater car

South Africa holds the record for the most overloaded mini-taxi in history. Way back in 2009, a driver from Khayelitsha in Cape Town managed to squeeze 112 passengers into mini-van that should only had a maximum of 26 passengers. The shocking scenario became a viral topic on social media and urged the local authorities to become more strict in ensuring everyone’s safety. However, despite the constant warning of the traffic enforcers to stop this kind of practice, a lot of drivers in Dominican Republic are still brave enough to break the law. Such is the case of this driver over here who really tried to compress 18 people inside a supposedly 5-seater car

Officers on duty who saw the car in an unknown street in Africa pulled them over and asked the passengers to move out. Much to their surprise, they found out that the car is overloaded! Aside from the driver and the man in the front seat, there are still 11 passengers at the back (1 woman, 1 child), and 5 other men squeezing themselves inside the car’s trunk. Wow! The question now, how did they manage to fit in there?

Funny as it may seem, but the police were expected to summon the driver and passengers. Obviously, because all of them failed to wear a seatbelt. Plus, they risked each other’s safety by riding in an overloaded car.

JP Smith, the mayoral committee member for safety, security, and social services in South Africa described this kind of incident as “absolutely shocking” and should never be tolerated. In a previous interview with News 24, he said:

“While I understand that there is immense pressure on the public transport system, as well as the people who rely on it to get to work, there is no excuse for this type of behavior. I shudder to think of the consequences if that vehicle had to be in a collision. Incidents like these do nothing for the reputation of the taxi industry, and so I also call on owners and associations to address this type of lawlessness.”

Lion gets stuck with its head in a feeding-barrel and is now an internet star!

A lion from the Zoological Garden in the Dutch city of Dierenrijk has become the an internet sensation.
The protagonist of the images below wanted to be clever and to show his two colleagues something funny, but it turned to be episode he will not forget very soon. After the Zoo caregivers brought the food, one of the three lions searched for a shortcut and put his head through a barrel

The lion remained stuck, and what followed made a lot of people laugh. With the barrel on his head, the animal began to run from one side to the other in an attempt to get rid of it.

Exhausted by the effort , the lion settled on his paws with the barrel on his head . Eventually, the zoo caregivers helped him and the lion escaped unharmed.

Why we need ‘crazy’ cat people

There’s a stigma our society has placed on cat people. You know who they are. They’re the ones with cat hair all over their clothing, who are just hoping to catch their cat doing something funny on film so they can make Fluffy Internet famous. They’re the “crazy” cat people

Society may be laughing at the girl who loves cats so much in the eHarmony video, but here’s the thing: we need her and all the other crazy cat people. We need these people because they love cats so much. In fact, cat lovers do way more than just look at cat gifs on the Internet all day. They are invested in bettering the lives of as many cats as they can.

Cat People Save Lives
These crazy cat people don’t buy thousand-dollar Siamese cats as their constant companions. In fact, don’t even mention the idea to them. Instead of buying from pet stores or breeders, they adopt a cat from their local shelter or rescue abandoned kittens in their neighborhood, which makes an impact on those cats looking for a home. In fact, there are about 70 million stray animals living in the United States. That number comes out to five homeless animal for every one homeless human. These staggering numbers show why adoption is far more beneficial to these homeless animals, the animals who are at a greater risk of being euthanized. This is why the crazy cat person chooses to adopt instead of buy from a pet store or breeder. There are too many homeless animals for this person to even consider buying their cat.

They are not only passionate about adoption, but these cat people are careful about adoption, too. They know what goes into caring for another life and they take it seriously. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when adopting an animal. Examples include finances, your daily schedule, living conditions and many others.

Cat People Make a Difference
See, the crazy cat people know the responsibility it takes to adopt, and if they are not ready for that responsibility, they volunteer their time at a shelter in order to make a difference.

Animal shelters are nonprofit organizations, so they depend on their volunteers to help take care of the animals, do the day-to-day jobs and help clean up the facilities. While society is busy mocking cat people, they are busy helping an organization keep its doors open and innocent and helpless animals extend their life expectancies. Without volunteers and donations, animal shelters wouldn’t have the plentiful food and toys to supply the animals or be able to give the animals the exercise and attention they need to be physically and mentally stimulated until they are adopted into a family.

These ‘crazy’ cat people are also dedicated to learning “trap, neuter, return” (TNR) method for helping the feral cat population and teaching it to others. Feral cats are once-domesticated cats that have reverted back to a wild state. While it is impossible to even attempt to guess how many feral cats there are in the United States, we do know that feral cats have an average of 1.4 litters of three kittens per year, furthering the feral cat population. What TNR does is humanely traps feral cats, sterilized and treated and returned to their habitat. By participating in TNR and teaching others its benefits, cat people not only help control the free-roaming cat population, but helps prevents future kittens born into the wild from imminent danger or death.

In addition to being dedicated to adoption, volunteering and the TNR method, the cat person is busy finding ways to keep feral cats warm in winter. There are many easy ways to build shelters for feral cats that can make a huge difference to their lives during the harsh winters.So next time your cat friend tells you they can’t go out because they’re making cat shelters out of storage bins, give ’em a break. They deserve one, because of crazy them, there are thousands of cats out there who are alive, healthy and happy that otherwise wouldn’t have had those opportunities. It’s the time and care these people give to cats that makes all the difference. Without their passion and love, there would be so many cats that would have much worse fates, that would not experience unconditional love, that would not get a second, third or even fourth chance at life.

We need crazy cat people in this world because we need someone to care about these animals. We need people to adopt them, to volunteer in their honor, to help control their population in a humane way. So let’s give these wonderful humans a break, OK? Because when you think about it, these crazy cat people really aren’t that crazy.

Heartbroken Dog Cries After Finding Out He’s Been Abandoned

A heart-breaking viral video of a dog who looked absolutely devastated after being left at a shelter has a happy ending as the dog went on to find a forever home

In a short clip posted to the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs’ Facebook page an adorable dog called AJ – a pit bull and Labrador retriever cross – was shown inside a shelter lying on a bed looking utterly distraught, crying and shivering as a worker attempted to soothe him.

Alongside the clip, the shelter wrote: “Sweet AJ is beautiful, he has amazing energy and he was surrendered with his beautiful brother Toby. They did great walking on a leash next to each other when they came in but now they are confused and alone and missing each other and home. They need help.

“AJ is 100 percent pure sweet, gentle, loving beauty, he loves other dogs and he is missing his brother, He is shutting down, he has a cold and he needs your help…”

According to the shelter, the two dogs were given up after their owner could no longer afford to care for them and workers were now hopeful that social media could help to find the dogs a family to love.

As the clip quickly went viral, with over five million people watching it, comments flooded in from animal lovers who wanted to help out and it wasn’t long before AJ found himself a new home.

In a follow-up post the shelter wrote: “This beauty touched the hearts of a lot of people and today he was lucky enough to take his freedom walk out of the shelter, even while he is struggling with a cold.

He was rescued, and we are hoping tomorrow that rescue will work with the different rescue that is saving his bonded brother Toby, so they can be reunited. Both have been seriously depressed since they were separated…Happy life sweet AJ.”

Here’s hoping the little cuties are having a far better life now and a massive well done to the hard-working shelters who help to find dogs like AJ and Toby brand new homes.

Are you a travel addict ? These 10 wonderful destinations should be on your list

If you love traveling and you have not decided where to go this summer, we recommend 10 destinations that you should not miss.
It’s hard to pick only ten destinations that you have to see at least once in a lifetime, however, the tourist looking to experience new sensations has to check out these 10 destinations from all over the world. These 10 destinations should not be missed in a lifetime if traveling is on the list of your priorities


Peru is a special country, the cradle of incase civilization, with forgotten temples waiting to be discovered. When you say Peru, you are thinking of Machu Picchu, the sacred fortress of the Incas, located on the Andes peaks, where only the condors dare to fly, one of America’s greatest wonders. The budget for a vacation in Peru starts from


Maldives is indeed a great choice for a dream holiday, a unique exotic destination with its white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and the coral reef reserves. Maldives is where you can really relax, away from noise, agitation and stress. The rate for a stay in the Maldives starts at $2000 .


When we talk about Tanzania, we think of its views, with the high peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, the white beaches and coral reefs of Zanzibar, the endless plains of the Serengeti National Park, the sharp rocks on Rift Valey, and especially the wildlife of the Ngorongoro Crater and the bird sanctuary in Lake Manyara. All these are wonderful works of art of nature and we might say that they make you fall in love with Africa at first glance. The budget a tourist must allocate starts from $3500


India fascinates everyone because it takes you on a journey of senses, a unique and distinct experience from any other country you offer. Every visit to this country of contrasts culminates with the visit of the Taj Mahal, a symbol of supreme love, a monumental art work that glorifies the love of a great ruler for his beloved queen. Budget for a holiday in India starts from $2000.


Japan is a destination for both mind, body and soul. From rigor and efficiency in every aspect of life to meditation near a blooming cherry and from the bloody history of the samurai to the delicacy of a Maiko, Japan is a country that delights all who visit it. The ancient temples, the exquisite scenery of Kyoto in the cherry blossom season, Sakura, are all experiences of living at least once in a lifetime. A holiday in Japan pulls out of the tourist’s pocket around $5000.


Cambodia is extreme, vibrant, fascinating and incredibly spiritual, the place where the khmera culture revives. It has a fabulous legacy, it is a wild land with very welcoming people. Here is the complex of Angkor temples recognized worldwide from the famous “Tomb Raider” movie. The budget for a vacation in Cambodia goes from $3000.


Australia is a country of variety and contrasts – from tropical rainforests to canyons that hide secrets from the dinosaur era; from modern, highly developed metropolis to one of the world’s largest wildlife areas. With spectacular lakes, virgin beaches, coral reefs, extensive deserts, Oz’s land will amaze even the most adventurous adventurers. The holiday rate in Australia starts at $3500 .


The United States is one of the few countries on Earth where you can experience so many: amazing landscapes with grizzly bears in the middle of mountain glaciers, tropical beaches and modern cities. Yellowstone National Park is part of the UNESCO Heritage List and is famous for its thermal springs and many geysers, many of them spectacular. The park includes wooded mountains, lakes, rivers, canyons. The tariff for a holiday in the US starts from $2000.


The reasons for a visit to China can be extremely different, ancient art and culture, the wonders that people have created by force of arms and power of mind, such as the Chinese Wall, the Terracotta Army, but especially the spectacle of nature, such as the Park National Zhangjiajie, on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which impresses with the seemingly unreal landscapes that inspired the scenes in the “Avatar” film. The price for a holiday in China goes from $2000 .

Ecuador – Galapagos

Undoubtedly, the most important tourist attraction of Ecuador remains the archipelago of the Galapagos Islands, due to the unique flora and fauna in the world. Galapagos is a wandering world in the vastness of the Pacific, consisting of 13 main islands scattered among more than a hundred islets, cliffs and reefs. The budget for a holiday in Galapagos is about 3500 euros.

These firefighters couldn’t stop laughing when a passing dog decided to give them a helping hand

A group of firefighters were trying to bring down a tree and it looked like they were struggling quite a bit. Luckily though, a dog who was just passing by with it’s owner decided to help them out and join in their effort to get the tree to fall.

The firemen were pulling on a rope which was tied around the tree as hard as they could but it hardly budged. When the dog saw the extra length of rope, it decided to contribute it’s strength. The owner could be seen trying to pull his dog away but to no avail, the dog’s tenacity was just too overwhelming.

Science Says People Who Are Always Late Are More Successful and Live Longer

We all have that friend (or maybe, we are that friend) who is late to every single brunch, baby shower, and school board meeting ever put in the calendar and spend most Sundays slinking into the back pew at church hoping not to draw attention. While Southerners pride themselves on good manners, which includes timeliness, some people simply seem incapable of being on time.

While it’s certainly a frustrating characteristic both for the people waiting to order lunch until the tardy friend makes their appearance and for the well-intentioned, but perennially late person, turns out there is a silver lining to it. A recent body of scientific work, reveals that the traits that tend to make people late, are the very same traits that can help them live longer and more productive lives.

Science has shown that stress is incredibly bad for overall health. People who are late typically feel less stressed, unconcerned with deadlines, and generally more relaxed. That can lead to lower blood pressure, lower risks of heart disease, greater cardiovascular health, lower risk of stroke, and lower chance of depression, all of which can prolong life.

As Diana DeLonzor wrote in her book, Never Late Again, many late people tend to be both optimistic and unrealistic. That means they truly, deeply believe that they can, say, go for a run, take a shower, stop at the Piggly Wiggly to buy groceries for dinner, pick up the dry cleaning, and still make it on time to pick up the kids from school all in one hour. That is a clearly optimistic schedule, yet many chronically late people truly believe it’s possible, even when proven time and again that it’s not. That level of optimism reaches far beyond an over-planned schedule, though. According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, “Research tells us that an optimistic outlook early in life can predict better health and a lower rate of death during follow-up periods of 15 to 40 years.”

Optimism can also effect productivity and success. A study among salesmen revealed that optimists sold 88 percent more than their pessimistic colleagues. They performed better because they have a better outlook.

Similarly, some chronically late people are perfectionists who can’t leave the house until the dishwasher is empty and the laundry is folded, according to Dr. Linda Sapadin, a time management specialist and fellow at the American Psychological Association. That may be frustrating trait in a friend, but is a desirable characteristic in an employee and can lead to more successful career.

Another reason that a person may end up perpetually tardy is that they are simply engrossed in another activity and lose track of time. Being passionate about a subject can translate to long-term success, which means late people may end up being very successful. Business leaders like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos have all weighed in on the fact that being truly passionate about your work is the secret to success. So the next time someone is late, ask them what they were working on, it may be enlightening.

Finally, it’s important to understand that for some people, lateness is not entirely their fault, because they may have a completely different sense of time than you. A team of scientists put one minute on the clock and asked two different groups of people with Type A (ambitious, driven) or Type B (relaxed, creative) personalities and asked them to guess how much time had passed. Their study revealed that people with Type A personalities guessed that an average of 58 seconds had passed, while those with Type B personalities thought an average of 77 seconds had passed. That 19 second difference in perception could add up quickly leading someone to be very late to lunch.

The next time someone is tardy to the party, keep in mind that they may be happier, healthier, and more productive—and then mull that over while you order an extra appetizer to eat while you wait.

Husky on vegetarian diet leaves owner embarrassed by choosing meat over bowl of veggies on talk show

Lucy Carrington was left embarrassed on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ after her dog, who she had put on a vegetarian diet, chose to eat meat over vegetables in front of the live audience.

Carrington owns a white Husky named Storm and said she had put her on a vegetarian diet after the pooch stopped eating properly during the summer’s heatwave. Carrington, who is neither vegan nor vegetarian herself, said after Storm started going off her food, she bought the pup vegetarian dog food and started feeding her the family’s leftover vegetables.

However, according to the Daily Mail, the claim did not hold up to scrutiny on the morning talk show, with the Husky easily picking the bowl of meat when given the choice by host Eamonn Holmes.

While the general consensus was that one should not deny their dog meat, Holmes had a compromise: he said the show would provide Storm the opportunity to decide the choice of diet for herself. Two assistants then brought on one bowl full of meat and another full of vegetables, and Carrington was instructed to let her dog free so the audience and she could see what would be Storm’s pick. Predictably, Storm emphatically picked the bowl of meat.

Carrington, visibly shocked, stuttered and said, “Oh you little…I didn’t swear,” before adding, “In all fairness, the weather has cooled down quite dramatically.”

She also attempted to explain her stance further and reiterated, “During the summer months she went off her food, strangely. I’m certainly not one of those. I’m not vegetarian, I’m not vegan, far from it, though I’ve reduced my meat consumption.” She also revealed how it was not something she ever planned to force on the husky.

“I wouldn’t want to impose it on anybody because my mother-in-law and father-in-law are vegetarians and we often had many debates,” she said. “I’ve got a large family, they’re all boys. We’re doing burgers and sausages every night,” she explained adding that Storm “seemed to perk up and be a lot happier” after her diet change.

Social media users, however, did not take too kindly to Carrington’s approach to her dog. One wrote, “Did you see it run to the meat? She looked so dazed and lethargic! I’ve worked with & studied animals and have dogs of my own, they cannot function to their full potential like that… It’s a husky too, about as close as you can get to their natural form of a wolf,” and another said what she did was “cruel.”

Veterinarian Scott Miller conceded that dogs are omnivores who eat both plants and animals. He explained that by making them vegetarian, their owners were taking away their freedom to follow their natural need to eat meat. He said that because pets can’t make a choice for themselves, their owners have to be “exceptionally careful” about forcing them to be something they’re not. As for Carrington, she admitted she would allow Storm to eat meat once again and said, “If this is what she wants then obviously I’m going to adapt accordingly.”

NICU nurse discovers her new colleague is the premature baby she cared for 28 years ago

A nurse in California had the surprise of a lifetime when she discovered that her new colleague would be someone she took care of 28 years ago when he was born in the same hospital. 54-year-old Vilma Wong was told that the new doctor in the block was one Brandon Seminatore, a name she recognized but could not place despite her best efforts. Metro reported that Vilma, who has been working in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California for 32 years, had taken care of and nursed Brandon when he was prematurely born in the hospital at 29 weeks nearly three decades ago.

A conversation with Brandon revealed that he was a new doctor at the hospital and that he was also born there. That sparked Vilma’s memory, and she recalled who her colleague was. “I got very suspicious because I remember being the primary nurse to a baby with the same name,” she explained, talking about her reaction when she saw his name for the first time. “I asked him if his dad was a police officer and there was a big silence and he asked if I was Vilma,” she continued. “I said, ‘Yes.’ Apparently, his mother asked him to look for nurse Vilma in the NICU, but he told his mom that I was probably retired by now.”

Brandon, possibly inspired by his own survival story, followed the path to become a doctor and is now specializing in child neurology. “I was in shock initially but overjoyed to know that I took care of him almost 30 years ago and now, he’s a pediatric resident to the same population he was part of when he was born,” Vilma explained.

Unsurprisingly, Brandon was just as thrilled to run into his first-ever nurse. “Meeting Vilma was a surreal experience,” he said. “I never expected to meet a provider who took care of me when I was a baby. When Vilma recognized my name, I remembered the photos my parents had shown me and it truly sunk in that I was one of these babies.”

The doctor was referencing a photo taken when he was born that showed Vilma cradling him on her lap while in a rocking chair in the ward. He had texted his parents as soon as he and Vilma made the connection, and they replied straight away with the picture from 28 years earlier. “I’ve come full circle and I’m taking care of babies with the nurse who took care of me,” Brandon said incredulously. “Not all of us get the chance to see our patients grow up and I was so happy to be able to share that moment with her.”