Chicken is so commune, you can find it at in every menu of any restaurant. Indeed you are never disappointed with it but that\s because you don’t have high expectations – chicken can be just regular and pretty much anyone can cook it. Pork is the most consumed meat worldwide but me personally I’ve never felt like tasting heaven when eating it. I must though admit that I enjoy some good bacon from time to time..and I could go on with the other types of meat but I’m guessing you got the point, meat is not my favorite food.

Or wait! There is one kind that, when cooked well, it gives me the chocolate feeling – I love chocolate, I would never stop eating it if I could! Well that the exact feeling that I get when I taste the flavor, juiciness and tenderness of a good steak.
I think we can all agree that when it comes to meat there is just one king: steak! For those that don’t, I’ll ask them to let us know which other meat has it’s owe class of structure? I haven’t heard of something like pork house or goat house but almost every little town has its steakhouse.

If you’d be asked to close your eyes and think of meat what do you think you will see? I am pretty sure that, after putting aside the weirdness of somebody asking you to do that, the image that will be formed in your head will be nothing but a steak, exactly as the bulldogs in old cartoons was dreaming of it.
Is your mouth watery already? Mine sure is! And the problem is that in order to satisfy this steak craving you have to spend quite some bucks in a good restaurant. Of course you could also try and make it at home to reduce the costs but you might just waste the money on the meat and not get the satisfaction because it’s quite difficult to cook a perfect tender steak.

That’s what I was thinking before learning from a top chef how to make a perfect steak! After watching Gordon Ramsey’s video from down below I have been taking any occasion to make some delicious steak and I never failed at it again!
All it takes is a hot pan, some oil, butter, garlic and thyme for a divine taste and the meat of course! Follow the chef’s guide and if you’re not already, you’ll definitely fall in love with steak from now on!