Slim silhouette, thick lips, big eyes, intelligence: here are some of the features you think men are in love with. But this is not the case, because several surveys made over time have shown that men feel attracted to some features you have not thought of.

Discover what are the less common features that make men feel more attracted to women:


Psychologists have come to the conclusion that men feel more attracted to women who laugh a lot. A sincere laugh is one of the conditions for a love relationship, but also a friendly relationship. We also know that laughter is moody, so a laughing woman will also make her partner laugh so that she feels happy.


Would you have imagined that one of the elements that make you more attractive for the opposite sex is … a pair of glasses? So, if your teenage glasses were a source of stress, be sure that for adult women they are the accessory that offers them a classy air. Also, women wearing glasses are considered confident, giving them an air of independence, which gentlemen love.

The “crazy” hair

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to arrange your hair or visit  the hairdresser for special hairstyles? Well, if you do this to look better in front of men, you will be surprised to find that some research has shown the opposite: men feel more attracted to natural, even rebellious hair. It has a special charm.

The natural look, no makeup

Another element that makes you more attractive to a man is makeup. More specifically, lack of makeup. Men love more natural women who do not use makeup.

Untanned areas of your body

You have to spend a lot of time at the beach, just to get a beautiful and uniform tan. And the lines left untanned because of the straps of the swimsuit can be a real source of stress. But you do not have to worry anymore, because men seem to be not disturbed at all. On the contrary, they consider this contrast between tanned and natural skin something very attractive.