Are you also an avocado lover? Then you will be thrilled to find out that you can actually enjoy this tasteful fruits all year round without having to spend extra money on them when they are off-season.
I don’t know about you but me personally whenever I step into a market to do my groceries and pick some avocados I wish it was late summer/early autumn. It sounds crazy, I know, but we must admit that, besides having to search for those that are ready to eat, avocados can be a bit pricy especially if you want the organic ones.

Avocados come in various sizes, shapes and colors mainly determined by the origin of this super fruit which is now being cultivated in all subtropical areas in the world. Depending on the type of avocado its nutritional value might differ a little but there is now doubt that with the deliciousness you are also helping your body stay strong, especially your heart.

Now, soon avocado season will be here and you will enjoy their freshness at a cheaper price. But how can we take advantage of the low price and store them for later on if they ripen up in less than 2 weeks?
After watching the video down below I realized the answer was always right under my nose. You just freeze them! Jodi Brown shares this simple trick that you’ll definitely want to check out and try.