It has been scientifically proven that human overpopulation, whether we want to accept it or not, is one of the biggest threats facing humankind in our days. I know this is a very delicate topic and most of us want to avoid talking or even thinking about it that’s why, instead of Earth’s overpopulation I will tell you about a considerable increase in Australia’s population over the last 60 years and the man to blame for it.
Met James Harrison, a now 81 years old man from Australia that has contributed to the increase of the population in this country with over 2 million. You’re probably wondering if that’s even possible. Well that’s what the officials of the Red Cross are saying and there is also data to prove it. Now, of course he hasn’t done that by getting over 8% of Australia’s population pregnant and having millions of babies, he contributed in a special way that had him receive the Medal of Order of Australia.

It wasn’t long after Mr. Harrison became a blood plasma donor at the age of 18, right when the law was allowing him to do so, when doctors have realized his blood was containing a incredibly rare antibody. This finding was going to make the blood of this young man a very important tool in fighting a difficult problem concerning newborn mortality in Australia.
A member of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Jemma Falkenmire, said for CNN that in Australia up until 1967 there were a lot of babies dying or being born with brain damages each year. This was due to the fact that most women with rhesus-negative blood were developing RhD antibodies while pregnant, condition called rhesus disease. Here is where, with the help of James, doctors developed the Anti-D injection that was going to save around 2.4 million kid’s lives.

Mr. Harrison was determined to donate because of a surgery that he went through during his adolescence. He later found out that it was the blood transfusions that made the procedure successful and promised to donate as soon as he turned the accepted age. After they let him know that he could be of even more use then he taught “The Man of the Golden Arm”, as he was called for saving so many lives, committed to the Anti-D project and was present to donate around every 2 weeks as, unlike the regular blood donation, the blood plasma donation can be made with that regularity. He ended up donating on the course of his life just about 1176 times.

A representative of the Red Cross was saying that even though every bag of donated blood is precious, James’ blood was extraordinary as over the years every Anti-D injection made in Australia has come from it. As over 17% of women are at risk with the rhesus disease you can just imagine how helpful James’ blood was indeed.
Unfortunately, after over 60 years of collaboration, the medical system in Australia will have to find another donor as committed as James was, which will definitely not be easy to find, in order to keep the Anti-D project going. This is due to the doctor’s decision that was taken as a protection measure for this hero’s own health.
Even though he is now 81, James Harrison declared that “It was sad because I felt like I could keep going,” He also humbly stated being glad for making over 2 million mothers happy to have their babies healthy and joked around saying “Blame me for the increase of population!”