Do you sometimes feel like there’s something missing even if things are going pretty well for you? Unfortunately, in or days most of us are facing periods like this and the worst part is that we rarely spend enough time with ourselves in order to find what determines that specific state of mind. Plus, we are always in a competition. Regardless of the domain or field, be it at home or at work we are constantly trying to prove how good we are. And this is how we are alimenting the negative feelings of fear, failure and apathy.
and get to complete frustration and even depression because of it.
It has been now demonstrated so many ties that if we truly believe in something that specific thing can help us either create or destroy, depending on it being a positive or a negative belief. Our beliefs are formed in time and originate from a number of different sources. They can be influenced by the people we interact with, the movies that we watch, the books that we read and in our era also the TV programs we are watching and the social media we are following.
This being said, we can conclude that it is up to us to change our perspectives and improve our lives, right? I strongly belief so! It is not easy, nobody said it would be and that’s why I want to give some tips that worked for me or I have witnessed them working for other people.
1. Identify the sources you have based your beliefs on. To achieve self-improvements, we need to live our lives independent of the beliefs we have and in order to do so we need to find their roots, address them and make the necessary changes in your life.

2. Feed your curiosity! After identifying your beliefs, curiosity is the key in moving away from the negative feelings towards positive ones that will bring us closer to the best version of ourselves.

3. Verify the fictional level of your beliefs. To what percentage are your beliefs based on facts and how much are they based on fiction. They might have been factual in a moment in time but, as people change, situations also change and together with them we should verify and upgrade our beliefs if necessary.

4. Isolate negative beliefs. When you have around you people that are fueling your negative beliefs or you have went through some negative experiences. In this case what you should do is verify the substance of your beliefs and then work on them.

5. Reframe your beliefs. As I was mentioning before, it is not easy to just give up on your beliefs that’s why you should reframe them instead and give them a more positive look. In time this will help you overcome them.

6. Move on! As long as you keep fueling the power of your negative beliefs they will keep controlling your life and determining the path you will be going on. No matter how difficult it seems, we need to give up on the past because otherwise it will haunt us and influence our future.

I hope these six tips will help you improve the quality of your life by letting go on negative beliefs. If you can not eliminate them it is crucial for you to learn how to live with them and adjust in a way that allows you to achieve your goals.