Lucy Carrington was left embarrassed on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ after her dog, who she had put on a vegetarian diet, chose to eat meat over vegetables in front of the live audience.

Carrington owns a white Husky named Storm and said she had put her on a vegetarian diet after the pooch stopped eating properly during the summer’s heatwave. Carrington, who is neither vegan nor vegetarian herself, said after Storm started going off her food, she bought the pup vegetarian dog food and started feeding her the family’s leftover vegetables.

However, according to the Daily Mail, the claim did not hold up to scrutiny on the morning talk show, with the Husky easily picking the bowl of meat when given the choice by host Eamonn Holmes.

While the general consensus was that one should not deny their dog meat, Holmes had a compromise: he said the show would provide Storm the opportunity to decide the choice of diet for herself. Two assistants then brought on one bowl full of meat and another full of vegetables, and Carrington was instructed to let her dog free so the audience and she could see what would be Storm’s pick. Predictably, Storm emphatically picked the bowl of meat.

Carrington, visibly shocked, stuttered and said, “Oh you little…I didn’t swear,” before adding, “In all fairness, the weather has cooled down quite dramatically.”

She also attempted to explain her stance further and reiterated, “During the summer months she went off her food, strangely. I’m certainly not one of those. I’m not vegetarian, I’m not vegan, far from it, though I’ve reduced my meat consumption.” She also revealed how it was not something she ever planned to force on the husky.

“I wouldn’t want to impose it on anybody because my mother-in-law and father-in-law are vegetarians and we often had many debates,” she said. “I’ve got a large family, they’re all boys. We’re doing burgers and sausages every night,” she explained adding that Storm “seemed to perk up and be a lot happier” after her diet change.

Social media users, however, did not take too kindly to Carrington’s approach to her dog. One wrote, “Did you see it run to the meat? She looked so dazed and lethargic! I’ve worked with & studied animals and have dogs of my own, they cannot function to their full potential like that… It’s a husky too, about as close as you can get to their natural form of a wolf,” and another said what she did was “cruel.”

Veterinarian Scott Miller conceded that dogs are omnivores who eat both plants and animals. He explained that by making them vegetarian, their owners were taking away their freedom to follow their natural need to eat meat. He said that because pets can’t make a choice for themselves, their owners have to be “exceptionally careful” about forcing them to be something they’re not. As for Carrington, she admitted she would allow Storm to eat meat once again and said, “If this is what she wants then obviously I’m going to adapt accordingly.”