Summer is almost here! And I am guessing you are just as excited as I am to put on your favorite dress and your amazing sandals, to go to the pool with your comfy sleepers on and pretty much wear all your beloved shoes that will allow your feet to finally breath after the cold winter we had and rainy spring.
Hoping that after all you’ve put your feet through during the last months you are left with just some rough patches and calluses on the bottom of your feet, I might have the perfect solution for you to get them feet ready for the summer. What could be worse than this you are probably wondering? Well, corns and other annoying and at times painful skin conditions may be left behind case in which you would have to see a doctor and use some medicated products to solve your problem.

Now, assuming your feet just need refreshment to get ready for your sandals you would think of going for a fancy pedicure, right? I personally am not up for spending maybe a little fortune on it when I can do this at my own comfort at home and get the same amazing results.
While I can say I tried different methods that have not met my expectations, I found one that really works and you only need 3 ingredients. As I supposed I am not being the only one looking for a cheaper and relaxing way to get my feet all fancied at home I’ve decided to share he video below with you so you can also try it out.

For your feet to get that smooth feel as if you went for a fancy pedicure, you will need milk, water and baking soda. Yes, that’s right! Just these simple items that you mostly already have in your kitchen. Now, in a container put the milk with some warm water and get ready to enjoy the treatment. Dip your feet in and let them soak for a while. When you had enough of the milky moisture you can then rub your feet with the baking soda. Watch the video and you’ll see how simple it is.
You know what else I did to turn it into a completely relaxing and joyful experience? I called in my besties and turned my house into a little spa for the night. We all loved the way it turned out and the amazing result my little magical trick did so we decided to do this more often. Isn’t it great? I saved some good amount of money and got to enjoy some quality time with my girls, while obtaining the fancy manicure results I wanted.
You should definitely do this yourself! Ask your friend to bring their beauty DIY tricks as well and you can turn the night into a real spa experience.