There’s nothing I dream more of during the week then the Saturday brunch. Why brunch? Because Saturday is the one day I allow myself to be lazy and sleep late. Why am I dreaming of this? It’s not because I get to sleep a couple of hours more than usual but because I can eat some good eggs. Be them sunny side up, poached, omelet or any other kind I simply love eggs! And Saturday’s are the days that I get the time to prepare them.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat eggs just on Saturday’s brunch, that’s just the time when I get to make them myself – and really enjoy them. With all the varieties of recopies they can be included in, from soups to custards, it would be a real waste.

Speaking of waste, you know what else is a waste? Throwing away the eggshells. Now we all know that, besides being cheap, eggs are packed with protein that’s why some are calling them “meat of the poor”. But what about the eggshell? Is it really just a hard cover for the whites and yolk? The answer is No!
Eggshells are formed of three layers, a hard cover that gives the shape of the egg, the cuticle and the membrane which prevent bacteria and dust to invade the egg content. The secret power of the eggshell is found in the first layer of it, the hard cover. It seems that it is almost entirely made of calcium. And here is the waste I was talking about. Scientist confirm that we are missing out on an important source of calcium if we are trashing the eggshells.

After reading more about it, I have decided I’ll never toss the eggshells again. If you’re wondering how they can be of use, it is actually pretty simple and you just need to follow 3 steps. First, boil the eggshells for 10-15 minutes, to make sure all bacteria or germs are killed. Second, after boiling set them aside until cool and dry. One more step and the calcium powder is ready to use! Place them in a coffee grinder and disintegrate into powder.
I usually put half a teaspoon of the eggshell calcium powder in my pre-workout shake to help my bones be strong and not deteriorate because of excessive use.
You should also try this! It will help you strengthen your bones and protect you from tooth and nails enamel.