One of the reasons we all love dolphins is their extremely playful behavior. This, together with their agility and cuteness, is bringing them high in the top of favorites for wildlife watchers.
As we had the chance to observe in many occasions, they enjoy playing with and teasing other animals that leave underwater. But besides being friendly with other animals and also humans, dolphins are highly intelligent marine creatures. For a while now information about dolphins showing intelligence was being known as a fact but recent research shows us how little we really knew.

As human beings, we are individually able to teach others from our own experiences and taught we are the only ones. Well, we are actually not. We knew that besides survival skills wired in their genetics dolphins, as other mammals and birds, nurture their younger generations to make sure they learn some necessary extra skills. What we didn’t know is that dolphins also have the ability to share their own experiences, not only general skills such as migratory routes, predatory abilities and more. Research and observation in recent years has proved this and it is amazing as it is very rare encountered in the animals kingdom.

This being said, we can conclude that when they are not being cute and cuddly dolphins just spend time being smart. The video below reveals that as well. As we all probably know they live in social groups when in the wild. And if you ever wondered why you should watch the video below and see how their intelligence and togetherness helps them get their pray in a easy and playful way. They are hunting, trying to feed themselves, but instead they look like they are just having some fun.
Dolphins use echolocation to find food and in this video we see how they are surrounding a school of fish and practically trick their pray right into their adorable little mouths. We can see how this dolphin goes in circles flapping her tail against the bottom of a shallow sea bed. She is not doing this just for fun. The ring of mud and “dust” she has created can be actually taken for a perfectly handmade fishing net. Check out the video and maybe you get inspired on how to get the fresh “catch” of the day!