If there’s something all of us really want, it is a bright smile with white tooth and a fresh breath smell but when you want results for different issues it is difficult to find a product that covers them all.
I know a lot of people that are struggling to find what’s best for them in their oral hygiene. A friend of mine even asked for a dentist’s opinion but she couldn’t find something to cover all her needs. She was getting frustrated as she tried different products that were doing their job on the issue for which they were designed, like tooth whitening, but they were damaging on other sides, such as making her tooth more sensitive than they already were. Plus, the freshening effect of these products was not really on point so she always felt like chowing gum. It seemed that there was nothing on the market to satisfy her. Unless there was!

We are bombarded with commercials for products that are promising magic result in no time from all angles. Then if we don’t get the expected results, we are being talked into buying the whole package again with promises of miracles. For example, the friend I mentioned above, she bought this magic toothpaste that was going to make her smile shine in 14 days, money back guarantied. Even though she took before end after pics, cause she was expecting it to not work, when she contacted the company to get a refund as the product was not doing the talk she was asked if she was also using their tooth brush and mouthwash. In the end she got her money refunded as it was nowhere specified that, in order to get the promised results, you need to use their whole range of products.

After this last experience, my friend was ready to get used to the idea that her smile was not made to shine. Just by mistake she discovered the video below and decided to try this method cause, in the end it was really not costing her anything as she had all the necessary ingredients in the house. All she needed was coconut oil, baking soda and 20 minutes of her time. And besides that she was hopefully going to obtain the results she wanted when it comes to her oral hygiene, there were other health benefits coming with it! After doing this for a few days, she started receiving compliment form a lot of people, including me. As I asked her what’s the secret she shared this magic trick with me and I was super satisfied with the results myself!

If this caught your attention and you wish to try, as me and my friend did, you first need to prepare the most efficient mouth-cleaning ‘agent’ you’ll ever find! For this you just need to mix the baking soda with coconut oil, or any other that you like best. After preparing the mafic mix and letting it cool you shall take a good portion of it in your mouth and pull it around for 20 minutes. Now, I know it sound like a lot of time but you can do your house chores in the main time!
Trust me! I wasn’t desperately looking for a magic trick as I am a bit lucky and never really had problems with my tooth but after trying this oil pulling method I felt like my mouth has never been so clean. Just watch the video below to get some more info on it and try it out, you’ll thank us later!