2-week-old donkey is nowhere to be seen. Then farmer finds his hilarious hiding place and can’t stop laughing

Baby donkeys are the sweetest little creatures that can sleep pretty much anywhere. Elvis the donkey is no exception. From the moment he was born, Elvis, now just two weeks old, could be seen sleeping at the most awkward places. His owner found this really interesting and fun up until one morning when the cute baby was nowhere to be found.
The owner already checked all the spots where he thought Elvis could fall asleep but in vain. He checked each corner of the property twice and he started getting anxious because he though something bad might have happened to the baby donkey.
That’s when he decided to look around the house. What he saw next was so funny that he rushed to grab the camera and film the whole thing. Elvis found the perfect place to take a nap, the hammock placed at the front porch. His owner didn’t even think of waking him up, but started swinging the hammock to make his nap even more comfortable.
Take a look at the adorable baby and share this with your friends. You’ll certainly make their day.

Trailer for Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ remake

It’s the first time the movie industry is trying to adapt the animated cartoon Dumbo, a classic of the Disney universe. When the news that Tim Burton would handle this adaptation, there were many who appeared to be horrified and were worried about the project going in a wrong direction.
Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green and Michael Keaton are staring in the Disney classic.

The synopsis sounds like this:

Holt Farrier (Farrell) is a former star of the circus world, but his life is turned around when he returns from the war. The owner of a circus, Max Medici (DeVito), instructs Holt to take care of an elephant puppy who looks drowsy because of his huge ears. But when Holt’s children discover that Dumbo can fly, businessman V.A. Vandevere (Keaton) and an acrobat named Colette Marchant (Green) will do everything in their power to exploit Dumbo.

The Dumbo cartoon was released in 1941 and won an Oscar. It is possible that Burton’s version would attract a few nominations.
Dumbo will be released on March 29, 2019.

“Granny pods” are the perfect solution for your aging parents to live in your backyard

For older adults who move to be closer to relatives but do not want to live in the same house, there is a very popular alternative: the so-called “granny pods” or micro-house, which are designed for accessibility, and small enough to fit into a yard.
The little granny house is designed for accessibility and includes a living room, a kitchenette and a comfy bedroom. Its corridors and doors are wide enough for a wheelchair if any of the inhabitants need one. All the floors are simple and “clean” to eliminate tripping hazards, and the shower stall is a walk-in

Recent statistics show that more then 23 million Americans take care of their parents. Many of these people have to choose between letting their parents live alone or move them to a nursing home. But these small homes help families live closer together. “Granny pods” allow aging parents to live in their son’s or daughter’s yard but also having a space they can call their own. These small apartments are equipped like a hospital room and can be set up in just a few weeks. Granny pods can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000, with the cost of skilled nursing care reaching nearly $93,000 a year, a small house makes more financial sense.

Don’t throw away eggshells ever again – they can have a very interesting purpose

There’s nothing I dream more of during the week then the Saturday brunch. Why brunch? Because Saturday is the one day I allow myself to be lazy and sleep late. Why am I dreaming of this? It’s not because I get to sleep a couple of hours more than usual but because I can eat some good eggs. Be them sunny side up, poached, omelet or any other kind I simply love eggs! And Saturday’s are the days that I get the time to prepare them.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat eggs just on Saturday’s brunch, that’s just the time when I get to make them myself – and really enjoy them. With all the varieties of recopies they can be included in, from soups to custards, it would be a real waste.

Speaking of waste, you know what else is a waste? Throwing away the eggshells. Now we all know that, besides being cheap, eggs are packed with protein that’s why some are calling them “meat of the poor”. But what about the eggshell? Is it really just a hard cover for the whites and yolk? The answer is No!
Eggshells are formed of three layers, a hard cover that gives the shape of the egg, the cuticle and the membrane which prevent bacteria and dust to invade the egg content. The secret power of the eggshell is found in the first layer of it, the hard cover. It seems that it is almost entirely made of calcium. And here is the waste I was talking about. Scientist confirm that we are missing out on an important source of calcium if we are trashing the eggshells.

After reading more about it, I have decided I’ll never toss the eggshells again. If you’re wondering how they can be of use, it is actually pretty simple and you just need to follow 3 steps. First, boil the eggshells for 10-15 minutes, to make sure all bacteria or germs are killed. Second, after boiling set them aside until cool and dry. One more step and the calcium powder is ready to use! Place them in a coffee grinder and disintegrate into powder.
I usually put half a teaspoon of the eggshell calcium powder in my pre-workout shake to help my bones be strong and not deteriorate because of excessive use.
You should also try this! It will help you strengthen your bones and protect you from tooth and nails enamel.

How toddlerhood influences one’s success in adulthood

I think we all heard someone around saying “He is just a toddler, he won’t understand much”. People often use this line to justify inappropriate thinks they do or say around kids, assuming the little ones will not be affected in any way by it. This approach couldn’t be more wrong!
It has been proven over and over that the first years of one’s life will highly influence how our adult lives will unfold. The experiences we go through as toddlers, together with genetics and our personality of course, determines in big lines the way we will interact with people and if we will see the full or the empty side of a glass.

Even though this is a topic of interest to many of us, it is difficult to stay up to date with all the news in parenting. Also, as the information on the internet is so vast and at times contradictory, it’s hard to separate the trusted sources from the others.. While rambling around the Web, with no destination as one could say, I found myself reading about a Netflix Documentary soon to be released about this exact topic: how our early childhood influences our adult future. I think this will be a great series. What can be a more trusted source to dig into this topic than a documentary sponsored by UNICEF?
It seems that, as neuroscience is advancing there are more and more profs of the humongous role our first years on Earth have in determining our future success. Kids between 0-3 years old are like sponges that absorb everything around them and make “every second between 700 and 1000 new connections among their brain cells”. This connections formed so early in our life course are getting stored and much of our actions and reactions later on will be based on them.

Now, of course that as an adult, if you get to realize that you don’t like the way you react to certain things, you can work on yourself to change. This requires a lot of willingness and support from the people around you and, in more delicate cases, specialized support. But if we have the possibility to learn how we should interact with the little ones in our lives in order for them to not have to go thru this when they grow up, why not do it?
I think it is very important to be aware of the huge responsibility one as a parent has and to not assume that raising a child can be done instinctively. As we study for our careers, we should as well study how to raise beautiful and successful kids. I encourage you to watch the trailer and I am pretty sure you’ll join me in awaiting with excitement the release of the documentary.

Simple way to fabricate your own natural air freshener. Just 4 ingredients DIY at home.

Looking fresh! Feeling fresh! Smelling fresh! One can say that this adjective plays an important role in our day since we all want to score high on all freshness levels.
One step most of us take in this sense is to try and freshen up our house, giving it a unique fresh scent. In order to achieve this we sometimes end up spending wads of cash and still not get the results we wanted.

It’s clear that we want to find ways to keep the house smelling fresh without spending all those dollars on air fresheners, right? Aside from the fact that it has been proven that most of these products affect our health, I was determined to find a less expensive and more practical way to keep my house “smell like home”.

Did I find it? YES I did! And it’s simpler than I taught. A mason jar, backing soda, essential oil of your taste and some cute fabric that would nicely fit in the décor it’s all you need.
And if you’re not convinced yet, think about the aromatherapy benefits of the Essential Oils. For example, Peppermint Oil alleviates headaches and Lavender Oil can help you relax.
Just watch the video hereunder and chose your favorite essential oil!