This dog and mailman have a beautiful and rare friendship – it’s heartwarming!

It seemed like an unlikely friendship to many, but these two bonded almost instantly!
This story is about a puppy and a postman, who had proven that the myth of never becoming the best of friends to be untrue – just look at the video footage showcasing their beautiful relationship! The video was filmed by the dog’s surprised owner, Michael Collins.
Kyza, who is a German shepherd at merely 9 months old, was always judged via his appearance as a dangerous and unapproachable dog due to his breed stereotype and size.
But one person who refuses to judge Kyza by his look – and he is Collins’ local mailman who never makes his daily rounds without saying hello to Kyza! “Everyday whether or not we have mail, this mail man always stops to see my dog,” Collins happily remarked in a Facebook video.

Despite how others behave around and think of this German shepherd pup, their local mailman never fails to make an effort to get off his bike to give Kyza a pat and a hug!
Ever since Collins uploaded the video he shot of the two interacting, it has been viewed at least 1.5 million times and shared amongst 10,000 users! Collins ended his social media post with the following caption: “I’m not sure who to tag on Facebook for him to see this. But thanks man, keep up the good job and you’ve definitely got a friend waiting for ya!!”

Watch how the pair interact in the video below!

Trump administration predicts 7°F (4°C) global temperature rise by 2100 and hundred of species to go extinct

Buried in a 500-page environmental impact statement drafted last month, the White House projects that on its current trajectory, the Earth will warm by 4°C (7°F) by the end of the century if our consumption of fossil fuels is left unchecked. In its pages, the assessment not only accepts the prediction as inevitable but does not outline any steps to prevent it

Such an increase would cause coral reefs to dissolve as ocean acidity increases, extreme heat waves to tear across the globe, and coastal cities, such as Miami and Manhattan, to soon find parts underwater, as first reported by The Washington Post.

The report was drafted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to defend the White House’s decision to freeze federal fuel efficiency standards for light trucks and cars built after 2020 – if the temperature increase is inevitable, it reasons, what is the use of limiting greenhouse gas emissions?

“The amazing thing they’re saying is human activities are going to lead to this rise of carbon dioxide that is disastrous for the environment and society. And then they’re saying they’re not going to do anything about it,” Michael MacCracken, who served as a senior scientist at the US Global Change Research Program from 1993 to 2002, told The Washington Post.

The assessment cites historical evidence that global average temperatures rose more than 0.5°C (0.9°F) over the century following the 1880 birth of the industrial revolution. Under the current trajectory, the world can expect to see a continuing rise in global temperatures, maxing out at 4°C (7°F) by 2100.

Combating such an increase “would require substantial increases in technology innovation and adoption compared to today’s levels and would require the economy and the vehicle fleet to move away from the use of fossil fuels, which is not currently technologically feasible or economically feasible,” notes the new report.

During his time in office, President Trump has made it a point to go against Obama’s climate change policies, from pulling out of the Paris Agreement last year to showing support for the coal industry over other upcoming renewable energies, like solar and wind.

These firefighters couldn’t stop laughing when a passing dog decided to give them a helping hand

A group of firefighters were trying to bring down a tree and it looked like they were struggling quite a bit. Luckily though, a dog who was just passing by with it’s owner decided to help them out and join in their effort to get the tree to fall.

The firemen were pulling on a rope which was tied around the tree as hard as they could but it hardly budged. When the dog saw the extra length of rope, it decided to contribute it’s strength. The owner could be seen trying to pull his dog away but to no avail, the dog’s tenacity was just too overwhelming.

Science Says People Who Are Always Late Are More Successful and Live Longer

We all have that friend (or maybe, we are that friend) who is late to every single brunch, baby shower, and school board meeting ever put in the calendar and spend most Sundays slinking into the back pew at church hoping not to draw attention. While Southerners pride themselves on good manners, which includes timeliness, some people simply seem incapable of being on time.

While it’s certainly a frustrating characteristic both for the people waiting to order lunch until the tardy friend makes their appearance and for the well-intentioned, but perennially late person, turns out there is a silver lining to it. A recent body of scientific work, reveals that the traits that tend to make people late, are the very same traits that can help them live longer and more productive lives.

Science has shown that stress is incredibly bad for overall health. People who are late typically feel less stressed, unconcerned with deadlines, and generally more relaxed. That can lead to lower blood pressure, lower risks of heart disease, greater cardiovascular health, lower risk of stroke, and lower chance of depression, all of which can prolong life.

As Diana DeLonzor wrote in her book, Never Late Again, many late people tend to be both optimistic and unrealistic. That means they truly, deeply believe that they can, say, go for a run, take a shower, stop at the Piggly Wiggly to buy groceries for dinner, pick up the dry cleaning, and still make it on time to pick up the kids from school all in one hour. That is a clearly optimistic schedule, yet many chronically late people truly believe it’s possible, even when proven time and again that it’s not. That level of optimism reaches far beyond an over-planned schedule, though. According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, “Research tells us that an optimistic outlook early in life can predict better health and a lower rate of death during follow-up periods of 15 to 40 years.”

Optimism can also effect productivity and success. A study among salesmen revealed that optimists sold 88 percent more than their pessimistic colleagues. They performed better because they have a better outlook.

Similarly, some chronically late people are perfectionists who can’t leave the house until the dishwasher is empty and the laundry is folded, according to Dr. Linda Sapadin, a time management specialist and fellow at the American Psychological Association. That may be frustrating trait in a friend, but is a desirable characteristic in an employee and can lead to more successful career.

Another reason that a person may end up perpetually tardy is that they are simply engrossed in another activity and lose track of time. Being passionate about a subject can translate to long-term success, which means late people may end up being very successful. Business leaders like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos have all weighed in on the fact that being truly passionate about your work is the secret to success. So the next time someone is late, ask them what they were working on, it may be enlightening.

Finally, it’s important to understand that for some people, lateness is not entirely their fault, because they may have a completely different sense of time than you. A team of scientists put one minute on the clock and asked two different groups of people with Type A (ambitious, driven) or Type B (relaxed, creative) personalities and asked them to guess how much time had passed. Their study revealed that people with Type A personalities guessed that an average of 58 seconds had passed, while those with Type B personalities thought an average of 77 seconds had passed. That 19 second difference in perception could add up quickly leading someone to be very late to lunch.

The next time someone is tardy to the party, keep in mind that they may be happier, healthier, and more productive—and then mull that over while you order an extra appetizer to eat while you wait.

This insect’s bite can lead to heart disease

Bugs known as triatomines, otherwise called “kissing bugs,” are beginning to wind up more typical in the U.S. — yet don’t give their apparently friendly epithet a chance to trick you.

These parasites spread a perilous ailment called Chagas sickness. The malady, which has spread to the U.S., was already just found in Central and South America and Mexico.

An uncommon parasitic infection that can prompt heart disappointment or stroke might be more typical in the United States than numerous restorative suppliers acknowledge, with an expected 300,000 individuals influenced.

Chagas sickness is spread by a creepy crawly known as the kissing bug. An expected 8 million individuals in Central and South America are contaminated, yet the malady has likewise been accounted for in a few American states – Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Arizona, and Massachusetts.

A great many people tainted won’t build up any signs or indications, yet around 30 percent of those with the parasite can turn out to be incessantly sick. The American Heart Association in another report urges doctors in the U.S. to know about the likelihood that their patients convey this conceivably unsafe contamination.

Chagas ailment is an irresistible illness caused by a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi. The parasite spreads to individuals and creatures by means of the Triatomine bug, a bug that conveys the parasite in its dung. It is otherwise called the kissing bug since it tends to chomp people around the mouth or eyes, as a rule during the evening. Parasites enter then advance in through the nibble, rub or scratch.

Introductory side effects may incorporate fever, exhaustion, body hurts, migraine, and rash. There can likewise be nearby swelling where the nibble happened and the parasite entered the body. These indications as a rule leave in days to weeks. Seldom, youthful youngsters can create extreme irritation to the heart muscle or cerebrum in the underlying stage.

Chagas ailment is treated with against trypanosomal prescription (nifurtimox or benznidazole), which is just accessible through CDC.

Specialists trust that a large portion of around 300,000 individuals are living with Chagas infection in the U.S. had the disease before touching base in the nation.

For individuals living or going in vigorously influenced nations, the World Health Organization suggests maintaining a strategic distance from unpasteurized sugar stick juice or acai natural product juice which can be debased with creepy crawly dung containing the parasite and keeping away from houses with unplastered adobe dividers or cover rooftops.

Neil Simon, Broadway Master of Comedy, Is Dead at 91

Neil Simon, the writer whose name was synonymous with Broadway parody and business accomplishment in the performance center for a considerable length of time, and who reclassified prominent American diversion with an accentuation on the grindings of urban living and the horrifying clashes of family closeness, passed on Sunday in Manhattan. He was 91.

His demise, at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, was declared by his marketing specialist, Bill Evans. The reason was complexities of pneumonia, he said. Mr. Simon was likewise answered to have had Alzheimer’s sickness.

Right off the bat in his profession, Mr. Simon composed for TV greats, including Phil Silvers and Sid Caesar. Later he composed for the motion pictures, as well. In any case, it was as a dramatist that he earned his enduring distinction, with a long arrangement of expertly tooled chuckle machines that kept his name on Broadway marquees essentially constant all through the late 1960s and ’70s.

Starting with the leap forward hits “Shoeless in the Park” (1963) and “The Odd Couple” (1965) and proceeding with well known victories like “Court Suite” (1968), “The Prisoner of Second Avenue” (1971) and “The Sunshine Boys” (1974), Mr. Simon ruled Broadway when Broadway was as yet worth decision.

Nikki Bella and John Cena’s wedding is back on track ? Total Bellas complicates the situation

John Price and his fiancé Nikki Bella have decided to end a long lasting relationship. The two were together since 2012, and one year ago John Cena asked the big question . The reason why John Price and Nikki Bella have said goodbye after so many years of relationship remained a mystery, and the two did not want to give any details. However, the breakup came as a shock, because just a few days ago they had been seen together at a wrestling event.

Total Bellas episodes aired yesterday were taped a few months back, before they have announced the “divorce”. John & Nikki ended the relationship two times during the filming of this season. All recent interviews and media appearances that took place in the last month were made after they broke the second time (which was not yet broadcast). So the big wedding is still canceled until further news

Strong earthquake in Japan. More than 200 victims

The earthquake of magnitude 6.1 that shook Osaka on Monday morning, the second largest metropolis in Japan, caused three deaths and wounded more than 200 people. Many factories from an an important industrial were damaged, according to Reuters.

The earthquake hit the west of the country, and authorities in the Osaka region fear that more people have lost their lives, including a nine-year-old girl, Agerpres writes. Initially, the earthquake was estimated at 5.3.

The NHK public television channel, as well as the TV channel Asahi, evoked “more” possible deaths, while the Kyodo press agency said the girl died near a swimming pool in a town north of Osaka. The Osaka police did not confirm the information.

The earthquake occurred at 07.58 (Monday, 01.58 GMT) near Osaka, at a depth of 15.4 kilometers.

In turn, the meteorological agency assessed the magnitude to 5.9 for a six-minus intensity on the Japanese seismic scale, used to assess the surface effects of an earthquake.

It ranges from grade one (barely perceptible) to seven degree (building collapse). At the “six minus” fence, it is difficult to stay upright.

There is no risk of tsunami, the Japanese authorities have informed.

At least one fire broke out in a dwelling north of Osaka, according to television broadcasts.

Trailer for Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ remake

It’s the first time the movie industry is trying to adapt the animated cartoon Dumbo, a classic of the Disney universe. When the news that Tim Burton would handle this adaptation, there were many who appeared to be horrified and were worried about the project going in a wrong direction.
Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green and Michael Keaton are staring in the Disney classic.

The synopsis sounds like this:

Holt Farrier (Farrell) is a former star of the circus world, but his life is turned around when he returns from the war. The owner of a circus, Max Medici (DeVito), instructs Holt to take care of an elephant puppy who looks drowsy because of his huge ears. But when Holt’s children discover that Dumbo can fly, businessman V.A. Vandevere (Keaton) and an acrobat named Colette Marchant (Green) will do everything in their power to exploit Dumbo.

The Dumbo cartoon was released in 1941 and won an Oscar. It is possible that Burton’s version would attract a few nominations.
Dumbo will be released on March 29, 2019.

Automatization – human labor danger or in potential progress?

In the latest years there has been a lot of studies and articles in regards to the rapid automation -or should I call it robotization?- trend the world is facing. Most of us are getting worried with all the mass unemployment predictions, declining wages and increased inequality, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t be.
In a study conducted by students at Oxford University it is being estimated that no less then 52% of jobs in Europe and 47% of the jobs in the US can be usurped by machines in the following 20 years. The statement of a New York University professor is supporting the study mentioned before. He affirmed that “The only real difference between enthusiasts and skeptics is a time frame.”

It’s true that we have been worrying about the rising tide of automation for over two centuries, and for two centuries we have been reassured that new jobs will naturally come into place to replace the ones “taken away” by machines. And if you look at the fact that even though from the 1800s to the 2000s there was a huge decline in the number of people working in agriculture, the percentage of workers in this field going down from 72% to 3%, but we haven’t faced a massive unemployment we can say they were right.

On the other hand, most of the ones worried of losing their jobs in the detriment of robots mostly worry about the financial loses. I say this because of the numerous workers that affirm they have what anthropologist David Graeber calls “bullshit jobs”. In a 2015 study of 12000 professionals, half of them referred to their job as being meaningless and with no significance, while another survey among 230000 respondents from 142 countries reveals that only 13% of employees like their jobs.
Considering the history of changes in the work field that took place in the last centuries and the level of work insatisfaction revealed in the latest studies, we might want to take into account the possibility of rethinking the definition of work. We should not worry about the ability of capitalism to reinvent new bullshit jobs but focus on creating ourselves the ones that we like creating ourselves the ones that we like would fit in the technological era.

I strongly believe we should start redefining the meaning of “work” and give a different form to our economy structure. I believe in a future where the size of your paycheck does not define the value of your work. Our work should be quantified only by looking at the amount of happiness we spread around and the amount of meaning we give. Starting with education, we should stop preparing the younger generations for yet another useless job and give them guidance to a life well lived.
I am looking forward to see the building up process of a future where “jobs are for robots and life is for humans”. And not because I imagine us humans walking around and doing nothing, but because I want us to do what we like and makes sense to us.