People in happy relationships tend to get fat, recent study says

Obesity is a huge problem and many adults and teenagers are overweight. Overeating is one of the facts responsible for obesity. People want to get fit and start by changing their lifestyle and dropping other bad habits.

Be that as it may, nobody can really know whether what they are doing would be of any assistance whatsoever until the point when they have just begun to do it. People start to eat less, cut sweets, starve themselves, start to hit the gym to lose weight. Sometimes none of this will work if the individual has certain affections or a bad way of living.

Here’s the cruel reality, did you realize that couples who genuinely cherish each other have a tendency to get fat. Indeed, it has really been sustained by scientific proof studies. Have you at any point felt that you were picking up a couple of pounds when you were seeing someone? Well, that’s because you were.

A large part of the research did have demonstrated that once two individuals have an agreeable security between themselves, they have a higher propensity to pick up a couple of pounds. A couple of specialists from the University of Queensland, Australia studied 6,459 ladies. The project lasted for over 10 years.

In their examination, they discovered that many ladies in 20-30 age interval, married, or are in a long term relationship have gained weight,compared to the ladies who were single.
The committed ladies gained around 12 pounds.

This news study was focused on men and was conducted by the Southern Methodist University from Dallas. They considered 169 couples for more than 4 years and found similar patterns. It appeared that the boys who were relationship gained more weight compared to single guys.

A theory from the University of York arrived at similar conclusions that there was no distinction between the man and the lady in the relationship. Both of them put on more weight. Truth be told, they even noticed that a decent weight pick up is one of the signs of a beautiful relationship.

So the mystery remains, for what reason do we get fat when we are seeing someone?

The reasons for this have not yet been found, but there are some likely explanations. The researchers have said that the closeness of a relationship may have an impact and lifestyles get adjusted to match. Other than that, ladies in a relationship start to eat a greater amount of sweets and it has a huge influence. Now and then the ladies additionally have a tendency to eat as much as their partners without recalling that most men have a bigger appetite. Most ladies who were asked told that they eat a similar amount of food with their partners.

Another unmistakable motivation behind why couples get fatter is that they invest a great deal of their energy in
house activities like doing the dishes together.
Another point is that when we live alone, we don’t make a big deal about cooking any tasty dinners, so we decide to eat something light. Yet, when we are seeing someone, we invest more energy cooking great suppers to share together as a couple, and that is a cause for the weight that we put on.

A few people really quit sports or the healthy way of life to which they were familiar with before they entered that relationship. A big part of the attention isn’t centered any longer around getting somebody; it’s now spent on keeping that individual happy.

One thing the scientists saw about the couples who got fatter was that they had a type of routine which they took after wisely. This routine included getting to know each other in restaurants and other social spots while they became more acquainted with themselves. At that point as the bond between them thickens, they start to invest more energy indoor, cooking supper and watching a movie after supper. This routine will show an evident weight pick up.

The weight pick up can likewise be influenced by the casual inclination coursing through you. As the bond thickens and we feel safe and anchored in it. These positive sentiments can increase the appetite.

Note that every one of the components clarified here are simply broad conclusions which there are lots of exceptions to the rules.

Increase in population – here is the man to “blame” as he saved millions of babies

It has been scientifically proven that human overpopulation, whether we want to accept it or not, is one of the biggest threats facing humankind in our days. I know this is a very delicate topic and most of us want to avoid talking or even thinking about it that’s why, instead of Earth’s overpopulation I will tell you about a considerable increase in Australia’s population over the last 60 years and the man to blame for it.
Met James Harrison, a now 81 years old man from Australia that has contributed to the increase of the population in this country with over 2 million. You’re probably wondering if that’s even possible. Well that’s what the officials of the Red Cross are saying and there is also data to prove it. Now, of course he hasn’t done that by getting over 8% of Australia’s population pregnant and having millions of babies, he contributed in a special way that had him receive the Medal of Order of Australia.

It wasn’t long after Mr. Harrison became a blood plasma donor at the age of 18, right when the law was allowing him to do so, when doctors have realized his blood was containing a incredibly rare antibody. This finding was going to make the blood of this young man a very important tool in fighting a difficult problem concerning newborn mortality in Australia.
A member of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Jemma Falkenmire, said for CNN that in Australia up until 1967 there were a lot of babies dying or being born with brain damages each year. This was due to the fact that most women with rhesus-negative blood were developing RhD antibodies while pregnant, condition called rhesus disease. Here is where, with the help of James, doctors developed the Anti-D injection that was going to save around 2.4 million kid’s lives.

Mr. Harrison was determined to donate because of a surgery that he went through during his adolescence. He later found out that it was the blood transfusions that made the procedure successful and promised to donate as soon as he turned the accepted age. After they let him know that he could be of even more use then he taught “The Man of the Golden Arm”, as he was called for saving so many lives, committed to the Anti-D project and was present to donate around every 2 weeks as, unlike the regular blood donation, the blood plasma donation can be made with that regularity. He ended up donating on the course of his life just about 1176 times.

A representative of the Red Cross was saying that even though every bag of donated blood is precious, James’ blood was extraordinary as over the years every Anti-D injection made in Australia has come from it. As over 17% of women are at risk with the rhesus disease you can just imagine how helpful James’ blood was indeed.
Unfortunately, after over 60 years of collaboration, the medical system in Australia will have to find another donor as committed as James was, which will definitely not be easy to find, in order to keep the Anti-D project going. This is due to the doctor’s decision that was taken as a protection measure for this hero’s own health.
Even though he is now 81, James Harrison declared that “It was sad because I felt like I could keep going,” He also humbly stated being glad for making over 2 million mothers happy to have their babies healthy and joked around saying “Blame me for the increase of population!”

Get your feet sandals-ready at home with just 3 ingredients!

Summer is almost here! And I am guessing you are just as excited as I am to put on your favorite dress and your amazing sandals, to go to the pool with your comfy sleepers on and pretty much wear all your beloved shoes that will allow your feet to finally breath after the cold winter we had and rainy spring.
Hoping that after all you’ve put your feet through during the last months you are left with just some rough patches and calluses on the bottom of your feet, I might have the perfect solution for you to get them feet ready for the summer. What could be worse than this you are probably wondering? Well, corns and other annoying and at times painful skin conditions may be left behind case in which you would have to see a doctor and use some medicated products to solve your problem.

Now, assuming your feet just need refreshment to get ready for your sandals you would think of going for a fancy pedicure, right? I personally am not up for spending maybe a little fortune on it when I can do this at my own comfort at home and get the same amazing results.
While I can say I tried different methods that have not met my expectations, I found one that really works and you only need 3 ingredients. As I supposed I am not being the only one looking for a cheaper and relaxing way to get my feet all fancied at home I’ve decided to share he video below with you so you can also try it out.

For your feet to get that smooth feel as if you went for a fancy pedicure, you will need milk, water and baking soda. Yes, that’s right! Just these simple items that you mostly already have in your kitchen. Now, in a container put the milk with some warm water and get ready to enjoy the treatment. Dip your feet in and let them soak for a while. When you had enough of the milky moisture you can then rub your feet with the baking soda. Watch the video and you’ll see how simple it is.
You know what else I did to turn it into a completely relaxing and joyful experience? I called in my besties and turned my house into a little spa for the night. We all loved the way it turned out and the amazing result my little magical trick did so we decided to do this more often. Isn’t it great? I saved some good amount of money and got to enjoy some quality time with my girls, while obtaining the fancy manicure results I wanted.
You should definitely do this yourself! Ask your friend to bring their beauty DIY tricks as well and you can turn the night into a real spa experience.

Don’t throw away eggshells ever again – they can have a very interesting purpose

There’s nothing I dream more of during the week then the Saturday brunch. Why brunch? Because Saturday is the one day I allow myself to be lazy and sleep late. Why am I dreaming of this? It’s not because I get to sleep a couple of hours more than usual but because I can eat some good eggs. Be them sunny side up, poached, omelet or any other kind I simply love eggs! And Saturday’s are the days that I get the time to prepare them.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat eggs just on Saturday’s brunch, that’s just the time when I get to make them myself – and really enjoy them. With all the varieties of recopies they can be included in, from soups to custards, it would be a real waste.

Speaking of waste, you know what else is a waste? Throwing away the eggshells. Now we all know that, besides being cheap, eggs are packed with protein that’s why some are calling them “meat of the poor”. But what about the eggshell? Is it really just a hard cover for the whites and yolk? The answer is No!
Eggshells are formed of three layers, a hard cover that gives the shape of the egg, the cuticle and the membrane which prevent bacteria and dust to invade the egg content. The secret power of the eggshell is found in the first layer of it, the hard cover. It seems that it is almost entirely made of calcium. And here is the waste I was talking about. Scientist confirm that we are missing out on an important source of calcium if we are trashing the eggshells.

After reading more about it, I have decided I’ll never toss the eggshells again. If you’re wondering how they can be of use, it is actually pretty simple and you just need to follow 3 steps. First, boil the eggshells for 10-15 minutes, to make sure all bacteria or germs are killed. Second, after boiling set them aside until cool and dry. One more step and the calcium powder is ready to use! Place them in a coffee grinder and disintegrate into powder.
I usually put half a teaspoon of the eggshell calcium powder in my pre-workout shake to help my bones be strong and not deteriorate because of excessive use.
You should also try this! It will help you strengthen your bones and protect you from tooth and nails enamel.

Do you want a brighter smile? Oil pulling is the answer!

If there’s something all of us really want, it is a bright smile with white tooth and a fresh breath smell but when you want results for different issues it is difficult to find a product that covers them all.
I know a lot of people that are struggling to find what’s best for them in their oral hygiene. A friend of mine even asked for a dentist’s opinion but she couldn’t find something to cover all her needs. She was getting frustrated as she tried different products that were doing their job on the issue for which they were designed, like tooth whitening, but they were damaging on other sides, such as making her tooth more sensitive than they already were. Plus, the freshening effect of these products was not really on point so she always felt like chowing gum. It seemed that there was nothing on the market to satisfy her. Unless there was!

We are bombarded with commercials for products that are promising magic result in no time from all angles. Then if we don’t get the expected results, we are being talked into buying the whole package again with promises of miracles. For example, the friend I mentioned above, she bought this magic toothpaste that was going to make her smile shine in 14 days, money back guarantied. Even though she took before end after pics, cause she was expecting it to not work, when she contacted the company to get a refund as the product was not doing the talk she was asked if she was also using their tooth brush and mouthwash. In the end she got her money refunded as it was nowhere specified that, in order to get the promised results, you need to use their whole range of products.

After this last experience, my friend was ready to get used to the idea that her smile was not made to shine. Just by mistake she discovered the video below and decided to try this method cause, in the end it was really not costing her anything as she had all the necessary ingredients in the house. All she needed was coconut oil, baking soda and 20 minutes of her time. And besides that she was hopefully going to obtain the results she wanted when it comes to her oral hygiene, there were other health benefits coming with it! After doing this for a few days, she started receiving compliment form a lot of people, including me. As I asked her what’s the secret she shared this magic trick with me and I was super satisfied with the results myself!

If this caught your attention and you wish to try, as me and my friend did, you first need to prepare the most efficient mouth-cleaning ‘agent’ you’ll ever find! For this you just need to mix the baking soda with coconut oil, or any other that you like best. After preparing the mafic mix and letting it cool you shall take a good portion of it in your mouth and pull it around for 20 minutes. Now, I know it sound like a lot of time but you can do your house chores in the main time!
Trust me! I wasn’t desperately looking for a magic trick as I am a bit lucky and never really had problems with my tooth but after trying this oil pulling method I felt like my mouth has never been so clean. Just watch the video below to get some more info on it and try it out, you’ll thank us later!

Keep avocados green for months! Easy way to enjoy cheap fresh avocados even off-season

Are you also an avocado lover? Then you will be thrilled to find out that you can actually enjoy this tasteful fruits all year round without having to spend extra money on them when they are off-season.
I don’t know about you but me personally whenever I step into a market to do my groceries and pick some avocados I wish it was late summer/early autumn. It sounds crazy, I know, but we must admit that, besides having to search for those that are ready to eat, avocados can be a bit pricy especially if you want the organic ones.

Avocados come in various sizes, shapes and colors mainly determined by the origin of this super fruit which is now being cultivated in all subtropical areas in the world. Depending on the type of avocado its nutritional value might differ a little but there is now doubt that with the deliciousness you are also helping your body stay strong, especially your heart.

Now, soon avocado season will be here and you will enjoy their freshness at a cheaper price. But how can we take advantage of the low price and store them for later on if they ripen up in less than 2 weeks?
After watching the video down below I realized the answer was always right under my nose. You just freeze them! Jodi Brown shares this simple trick that you’ll definitely want to check out and try.