Official pictures of Levi’s® x Air Jordan 4 Black & White Denim

After months of rumors and teasing, we are on a straight line with the release of the Levi’s® x Air Jordan 4 “White Denim” and “Black Denim.”

We have the official pictures for the upcoming denim take on the retro-hit Jordan Brand model. In full black and white, the upper part of the shoe is fully made from jean panels. The shoe’s tongue has the classic branding inspired by Levi’s® iconic Two Horses paper patch, Levi’s® standard red tab tag found on the quarter panels and a jean style leather patch hangtag.

With a price tag of $225 USD, the Levi’s x Air Jordan 4 Retro “White Denim” and “Black Denim” is set for stores in June 30 along with an accompany capsule collection.

Father’s day worldwide

Father’s Day was celebrated on June 17 in approximately 90 countries around the world. On this occasion, UNICEF recalls that fathers have a key role in child development. The love and protection offered by fathers along with nutrition aid are essential to the future of children.

“We must fully recognize the role that fathers play in giving children the best start in life and supporting them in fulfilling this mission. Dad is one of the best resources in child development

Research shows that when fathers establish an emotional bond with their babies from the start of their life, they can play a more active role in children’s development, have better mental health, self-esteem and long-term satisfaction.

Progress in the field of neuroscience emphasizes that when children spend their first years in life, especially the first 1000 days, in a beneficial and stimulating environment, their brains grow at optimal speed.

These neural connections determine the child’s cognitive ability, health and happiness, learning and thinking, the ability to cope with stress, and the ability to establish relationships. Good nutrition, protection, play and love in early childhood trigger these neural connections.

Father’s Day is an opportunity for UNICEF to renew its call for the removal of cultural and financial barriers that prevent fathers from spending time with their children at an early age.

According to a new UNICEF analysis, about two-thirds of children around the world under the age of one year, nearly 90 million, live in countries where the law does not entitle fathers to any paid paternity leave.

92 countries do not have national policies to provide new fathers paid free days to spend time with their newborn babies, including India and Nigeria, who have a high population of young children. In contrast, other countries with a large population of young children, including Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo, benefit from national paternity leave policies, although these rights are granted in the short term.

Top things Americans could change

Don’t get me wrong, the US is a beautiful and diverse country, from the breathtaking natural attractions to their impressive cities there are many things that they got right.

But many other things are so wrong! As a foreigner that had lived in the States for a while now, I can still say there are a lot of things that boggle my mind. And it’s not me, it’s all the foreigners I know. Here below I have listed some of the mistakes I truly believe should be corrected.

Cities being designed for cars, rather than humans
No sidewalks, or narrow ones, but multilane streets and giant parking lots is something that I can’t cope with. It might be also because people DRIVE even to the corner store that’s 50 meters away but I still find it annoying when I want to walk somewhere and can’t find a proper sidewalk to do so.

The measurement systems
Be it weight, distance or height in the US you have it different from the rest of the world. Some are proudly saying this makes them special. IF special in their vocabulary means annoying and ancient than they’re right. How are feet still a thing? It is about time for the US to join the rest of the world and embrace the metric system.
Using a question for a greeting
Even after years of being in the States I still have the tendency sometimes to start monologuing about my well-being when asked “How are you?” by the sales clerk at the grocery store. At the beginning I was really talking about my day and asking about theirs. Of course the answer never came and I am pretty sure I am not the only one that’s been through this.

Too much ice!
I just can not get my head around how the drinks in the states are mostly ice. I can barely drink it as it’s that cold and I am paying for ICE. In who’s mind a drink-to-ice ratio makes sense at 30:70?

The So Unnecessary AC settings
It is just wrong to freeze in the middle of the summer when entering a regular shop, to see people carrying jackets to put on when on the bus where the temperature seems to be on some special frequency called “Arctic”. And poor us that receive “office blankets” to cope with the cold in the office. Wouldn’t it make more sense to adjust the temperature at a normal, comfortable temperature?

The coins in the US are confusing
What’s up with all those nicknames you have for each coin? How are people supposed to figure that a dime is worth more than a nickel when in size it is smaller? The names and sizes say nothing about their value.

10 hacks to get your house sparkling clean by using vinegar

Have you heard of HouseholdHackers? They are the best life hack “advisers” you can find. And I’m not the only one saying it. It seems that this guys have took over the internet with all the cool tips they transmit through their videos. Once you’ll watch some of their videos, if you haven’t done it already, you will understand what I am talking about. I propose you start with the video down below where they are going to teach you 10 things about vinegar.
As you might know vinegar is a liquid produced by a fermentation process and contains water and acetic acid. Depending of the source material used in producing the vinegar we can find a lot of varieties. We have fruit vinegar, mostly made out of fruit wine, my beloved balsamic vinegar, made from concentrated juice of the Italian white Trebbiano grapes, vinegar made from sugarcane, grains or alcohol.

Even though it is mainly being used as a culinary ingredient, in both cooking and pickling, with all this variety it is not a surprise that vinegar has many other areas of use. From back in the days it has been used in households, folk medicine, being proven to have antibacterial properties, and also in agriculture and horticulture.
Even today vinegar is still being considered as being very useful in and around the house. But is it being used at is full potential as some might say? Me for example I didn’t know of many of the tips these ingenious guys are sharing with us in the video below.
Watch the vinegar life hacks video and share it with your friends. Let’s see if you were already using some of them in your household.

How toddlerhood influences one’s success in adulthood

I think we all heard someone around saying “He is just a toddler, he won’t understand much”. People often use this line to justify inappropriate thinks they do or say around kids, assuming the little ones will not be affected in any way by it. This approach couldn’t be more wrong!
It has been proven over and over that the first years of one’s life will highly influence how our adult lives will unfold. The experiences we go through as toddlers, together with genetics and our personality of course, determines in big lines the way we will interact with people and if we will see the full or the empty side of a glass.

Even though this is a topic of interest to many of us, it is difficult to stay up to date with all the news in parenting. Also, as the information on the internet is so vast and at times contradictory, it’s hard to separate the trusted sources from the others.. While rambling around the Web, with no destination as one could say, I found myself reading about a Netflix Documentary soon to be released about this exact topic: how our early childhood influences our adult future. I think this will be a great series. What can be a more trusted source to dig into this topic than a documentary sponsored by UNICEF?
It seems that, as neuroscience is advancing there are more and more profs of the humongous role our first years on Earth have in determining our future success. Kids between 0-3 years old are like sponges that absorb everything around them and make “every second between 700 and 1000 new connections among their brain cells”. This connections formed so early in our life course are getting stored and much of our actions and reactions later on will be based on them.

Now, of course that as an adult, if you get to realize that you don’t like the way you react to certain things, you can work on yourself to change. This requires a lot of willingness and support from the people around you and, in more delicate cases, specialized support. But if we have the possibility to learn how we should interact with the little ones in our lives in order for them to not have to go thru this when they grow up, why not do it?
I think it is very important to be aware of the huge responsibility one as a parent has and to not assume that raising a child can be done instinctively. As we study for our careers, we should as well study how to raise beautiful and successful kids. I encourage you to watch the trailer and I am pretty sure you’ll join me in awaiting with excitement the release of the documentary.