Chained Up Outside For 5 Years, The Only Word This Dog Knew Was ‘No’

Marley lived a rough life that no dog should ever have to experience. His owners kept him chained up in the backyard and barely paid him any attention.

For food, he ate cheerios from a dirty pan if he was lucky, and all he had to drink was dirty water from a bucket that was filled with green algae.

When he got excited, his owners would hit him on the head. He didn’t even know his own name, and the only word he really knew was “no.” The only shelter he had was a dirty little wooden doghouse, and he had never felt the warmth of a real bed or even the indoors.

PETA fieldworkers did everything they could to try and gain possession of Marley to give him a better life. Finally after five years, his owners finally agreed to surrender him to PETA.

They rushed him to their shelter where they found out that aside from being severely malnourished, he was also infested with parasites. Not only was he starving for food, but he was also starving for attention. Poor Marley had never felt love in his whole life.

One of the PETA workers, Michael Moss, fell in love with Marley and decided to give him a loving forever home! Marley finally has a warm bed to sleep on and no longer has to worry about being stuck outside. He also has a new doggy sister, Kyah, who he loves to play with!

Marley enjoys playing in his new backyard and is getting spoiled with endless treats, toys and lots of cuddles! Despite everything that he had been through, he still has a positive attitude and is a very happy and friendly little pup!

The internet loves this good dog for keeping his cat friend from getting into a brawl

This amazingly hilarious video is a proof that not all heroes wear capes, some of them are covered in fur as this loving doggie who won’t let his friend get into trouble.

It’s not uncommon that we find ourselves in situations where we need someone to remind us that our actions are not right, such as when we feel we are a force to be reckoned with and we want to get into fight after having a drink or two on a Saturday night. If we are lucky enough, our friends will jump in and say that it’s not worth it.

A video clip of a cat that was eager to get into a brawl appeared on Twitter and it’s super-funny. The cat can be seen approaching the ‘rival’ in a menacing manner making slow and steady moves with her ears back and her tail swishing. The rival is another big cat who is waiting for the enemy to take the first step, and just when everyone believes an intense cat fight is going to happen, there comes the dog and doesn’t let his friend get hurt.

The dog grabs the cat by its leash and drags it towards the opposite direction as though he says, “Nope, you’re not doing it!”

Everyone who got to see this lovely yet hilarious video agreed how Golden retrievers make the best of friends, even with the cats, and as one guy comments, “Goldens are too pure for this world.”

The video has gone viral the moment it was uploaded on the social media, and nearly 10 million people have seen it so far, and they all agree it’s one of the best clips that have recently popped up on the Internet.

We are lucky nobody got hurt, and we believe everyone deserves to have a friend like this goldie in their life.

A scared shelter dog can’t fall asleep until he’s tucked in every night is now looking for a new home

Getting tucked in every night is the only thing that gives Prince the pit bull comfort at this upstate New York animal shelter.
A shelter dog who insists on getting tucked in at night has people falling in love. Prince is a two-year-old Pit bull mix and has gone viral because of his special routine.
The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in New York says Prince came to them five months ago after he slipped his leash and ran away. Although they contacted the person who was supposedly looking after him, that person never came to claim him. The pup was terrified and curled up in the back of his kennel when he first arrived.

“He took a long time to warm up to us,” Nancy Haynes, director of behavior and enrichment at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, told The Dodo. “Even when you approached his kennel, he would sit in the back and cower and shake. You would usually find him curled up in a ball at the back of his kennel.”

“We followed up, expecting that she would come to redeem him, but she never did,” Pearson said.

Pearson said they’re now looking to find Prince a new home, and spent the last several months training him to sit and drop a toy on command.

The staff gradually learned that Prince would settle down when he was tucked into bed at night and now it has become part of his daily routine.

“Prince gets a tuck-in from one of his favorite volunteers,” they shared, along with a sweet video.

“This sweet 2-year-old loves toys and has very good manners. He knows sit, down and paw, and is always willing to learn more for treats,” they wrote. “Like many royals, he wants to be the king of his castle, so no other pets for him.”

They added that he absolutely adores being snuggled. That’s not always the first impression potential adopters see when they’ve visited Prince because he tends to bark at strangers when they approach his kennel.

But the one-on-one attention he’s been getting and his nightly routine are making him far calmer and revealing his true temperament.
Shelter staff are hoping that people will see he’s actually a love bug and that he will be adopted soon.

Here’s more footage of Prince being tucked in.

Three Chihuahuas were abandoned on the streets to survive on their own

Hope For Paws never fails to amaze us with their rescue stories. Many stray and abandoned animals ended up getting a forever home because of the kind-hearted people from this animal rescue organization. They are always willing to answer the call when an animal of any kind is in a desperate need of help

Recently, the were alerted about three stray dogs who were staying at a restaurant parking lot. The concerned lady who was feeding the Chihuahuas knew they can no longer survive on the streets so she thought calling Hope for Paws was the best thing to do, and she did the right thing.

After Eldad offered some food, the male dog approached and the other two followed after him, and that’s when he realised two of the them were injured as a result of being shot at by a BB gun.

Once the dogs were in his vehicle, it was obvious they would be given all the medical assistance and care they need along with a nice, hot bath.

The three beauties, named Penny, Brooklyn, and Marty were all cleaned up, but unfortunately, just four days after they were taken off the streets, Penny died as a result of heart failure, but at least she got to spend her last days surrounded by people who showed her love and kindness.

Brooklyn and Marty are now foster dogs that are in search of furrever home. If you consider getting a dog, adopt, don’t shop.

This funky gorilla gives a new meaning to the shower dance

I am sure you’ve heard of Zola the gorilla before. He is probably one of the most famous gorillas because of his amazing dancing skills and exhilarating performance behind-the-scenes of the Dallas Zoo

The zoo makes sure all the animals spend quality time enriching themselves by using different encouragement methods when they are out of the sight of the visitors. “Enrichment helps enhance the environment and lives of animals, like Zola, by providing them with mental and physical stimulation to increase natural behaviors. Enrichment can take many forms, but for this spunky great ape, it means playing and spinning in his favorite blue pool!”

That blue pool is all Zola needs in order to relax and get a thrill out of clapping his hands, splashing into the water, and dancing like nobody is watching. Once he touches the water he goes into full Flashdance, or better said Splashdance mode letting the water splash all over his body.

Twirling into the pool during the hot summer days is the best way to recharge the batteries and regain the energy. He is indeed having a blast and makes moves as though he is in his natural habitat. Zola is the ultimate break dancer that hits the ‘dance floor’ whenever there is water around, no matter if it’s the rain or puddles.

We can never get tired of watching Zola’s unique dancing performance and his youthful antics that will inevitably put a big smile on everyone’s face.

People are thrilled by what Zola does and we are happy someone got to put this on camera. One of the comments posted on the Dallas Zoo’s channel says, “This is my new “go to for a smile” video! Everybody should spin in a giant tub now and then. The world would be a happier place.” and another person adds, “That made my day better. I don’t recall the last time I had that much fun. The zoo must be doing something right to have such a happy gorilla.” and we totally agree.

We really hope there will be more videos of Zola dancing to come.

Why we need ‘crazy’ cat people

There’s a stigma our society has placed on cat people. You know who they are. They’re the ones with cat hair all over their clothing, who are just hoping to catch their cat doing something funny on film so they can make Fluffy Internet famous. They’re the “crazy” cat people

Society may be laughing at the girl who loves cats so much in the eHarmony video, but here’s the thing: we need her and all the other crazy cat people. We need these people because they love cats so much. In fact, cat lovers do way more than just look at cat gifs on the Internet all day. They are invested in bettering the lives of as many cats as they can.

Cat People Save Lives
These crazy cat people don’t buy thousand-dollar Siamese cats as their constant companions. In fact, don’t even mention the idea to them. Instead of buying from pet stores or breeders, they adopt a cat from their local shelter or rescue abandoned kittens in their neighborhood, which makes an impact on those cats looking for a home. In fact, there are about 70 million stray animals living in the United States. That number comes out to five homeless animal for every one homeless human. These staggering numbers show why adoption is far more beneficial to these homeless animals, the animals who are at a greater risk of being euthanized. This is why the crazy cat person chooses to adopt instead of buy from a pet store or breeder. There are too many homeless animals for this person to even consider buying their cat.

They are not only passionate about adoption, but these cat people are careful about adoption, too. They know what goes into caring for another life and they take it seriously. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when adopting an animal. Examples include finances, your daily schedule, living conditions and many others.

Cat People Make a Difference
See, the crazy cat people know the responsibility it takes to adopt, and if they are not ready for that responsibility, they volunteer their time at a shelter in order to make a difference.

Animal shelters are nonprofit organizations, so they depend on their volunteers to help take care of the animals, do the day-to-day jobs and help clean up the facilities. While society is busy mocking cat people, they are busy helping an organization keep its doors open and innocent and helpless animals extend their life expectancies. Without volunteers and donations, animal shelters wouldn’t have the plentiful food and toys to supply the animals or be able to give the animals the exercise and attention they need to be physically and mentally stimulated until they are adopted into a family.

These ‘crazy’ cat people are also dedicated to learning “trap, neuter, return” (TNR) method for helping the feral cat population and teaching it to others. Feral cats are once-domesticated cats that have reverted back to a wild state. While it is impossible to even attempt to guess how many feral cats there are in the United States, we do know that feral cats have an average of 1.4 litters of three kittens per year, furthering the feral cat population. What TNR does is humanely traps feral cats, sterilized and treated and returned to their habitat. By participating in TNR and teaching others its benefits, cat people not only help control the free-roaming cat population, but helps prevents future kittens born into the wild from imminent danger or death.

In addition to being dedicated to adoption, volunteering and the TNR method, the cat person is busy finding ways to keep feral cats warm in winter. There are many easy ways to build shelters for feral cats that can make a huge difference to their lives during the harsh winters.So next time your cat friend tells you they can’t go out because they’re making cat shelters out of storage bins, give ’em a break. They deserve one, because of crazy them, there are thousands of cats out there who are alive, healthy and happy that otherwise wouldn’t have had those opportunities. It’s the time and care these people give to cats that makes all the difference. Without their passion and love, there would be so many cats that would have much worse fates, that would not experience unconditional love, that would not get a second, third or even fourth chance at life.

We need crazy cat people in this world because we need someone to care about these animals. We need people to adopt them, to volunteer in their honor, to help control their population in a humane way. So let’s give these wonderful humans a break, OK? Because when you think about it, these crazy cat people really aren’t that crazy.

Heartbroken Dog Cries After Finding Out He’s Been Abandoned

A heart-breaking viral video of a dog who looked absolutely devastated after being left at a shelter has a happy ending as the dog went on to find a forever home

In a short clip posted to the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs’ Facebook page an adorable dog called AJ – a pit bull and Labrador retriever cross – was shown inside a shelter lying on a bed looking utterly distraught, crying and shivering as a worker attempted to soothe him.

Alongside the clip, the shelter wrote: “Sweet AJ is beautiful, he has amazing energy and he was surrendered with his beautiful brother Toby. They did great walking on a leash next to each other when they came in but now they are confused and alone and missing each other and home. They need help.

“AJ is 100 percent pure sweet, gentle, loving beauty, he loves other dogs and he is missing his brother, He is shutting down, he has a cold and he needs your help…”

According to the shelter, the two dogs were given up after their owner could no longer afford to care for them and workers were now hopeful that social media could help to find the dogs a family to love.

As the clip quickly went viral, with over five million people watching it, comments flooded in from animal lovers who wanted to help out and it wasn’t long before AJ found himself a new home.

In a follow-up post the shelter wrote: “This beauty touched the hearts of a lot of people and today he was lucky enough to take his freedom walk out of the shelter, even while he is struggling with a cold.

He was rescued, and we are hoping tomorrow that rescue will work with the different rescue that is saving his bonded brother Toby, so they can be reunited. Both have been seriously depressed since they were separated…Happy life sweet AJ.”

Here’s hoping the little cuties are having a far better life now and a massive well done to the hard-working shelters who help to find dogs like AJ and Toby brand new homes.

Husky on vegetarian diet leaves owner embarrassed by choosing meat over bowl of veggies on talk show

Lucy Carrington was left embarrassed on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ after her dog, who she had put on a vegetarian diet, chose to eat meat over vegetables in front of the live audience.

Carrington owns a white Husky named Storm and said she had put her on a vegetarian diet after the pooch stopped eating properly during the summer’s heatwave. Carrington, who is neither vegan nor vegetarian herself, said after Storm started going off her food, she bought the pup vegetarian dog food and started feeding her the family’s leftover vegetables.

However, according to the Daily Mail, the claim did not hold up to scrutiny on the morning talk show, with the Husky easily picking the bowl of meat when given the choice by host Eamonn Holmes.

While the general consensus was that one should not deny their dog meat, Holmes had a compromise: he said the show would provide Storm the opportunity to decide the choice of diet for herself. Two assistants then brought on one bowl full of meat and another full of vegetables, and Carrington was instructed to let her dog free so the audience and she could see what would be Storm’s pick. Predictably, Storm emphatically picked the bowl of meat.

Carrington, visibly shocked, stuttered and said, “Oh you little…I didn’t swear,” before adding, “In all fairness, the weather has cooled down quite dramatically.”

She also attempted to explain her stance further and reiterated, “During the summer months she went off her food, strangely. I’m certainly not one of those. I’m not vegetarian, I’m not vegan, far from it, though I’ve reduced my meat consumption.” She also revealed how it was not something she ever planned to force on the husky.

“I wouldn’t want to impose it on anybody because my mother-in-law and father-in-law are vegetarians and we often had many debates,” she said. “I’ve got a large family, they’re all boys. We’re doing burgers and sausages every night,” she explained adding that Storm “seemed to perk up and be a lot happier” after her diet change.

Social media users, however, did not take too kindly to Carrington’s approach to her dog. One wrote, “Did you see it run to the meat? She looked so dazed and lethargic! I’ve worked with & studied animals and have dogs of my own, they cannot function to their full potential like that… It’s a husky too, about as close as you can get to their natural form of a wolf,” and another said what she did was “cruel.”

Veterinarian Scott Miller conceded that dogs are omnivores who eat both plants and animals. He explained that by making them vegetarian, their owners were taking away their freedom to follow their natural need to eat meat. He said that because pets can’t make a choice for themselves, their owners have to be “exceptionally careful” about forcing them to be something they’re not. As for Carrington, she admitted she would allow Storm to eat meat once again and said, “If this is what she wants then obviously I’m going to adapt accordingly.”

Heartbreaking Footage Shows Raccoon Mourning Over Dead Body Of Ran Over Friend

What do humans have in common with raccoons? The ability to mourn the dead no less.

Footage has emerged of the animal beside itself in agony as it stands by the newly-deceased body of its companion.

It’s not know how the critter met its fate, and how much of the incident the other one saw but it seems pretty bleak.

A car can be seen mobile in front of the body, which shows no signs of hope much to the detriment of the raccoon eye-witness.

A narrator guides us through the emotional scene:

Could this really be a case of mourning, or does the raccoon have an itch in its eye? Wildlife Animal Control says raccoons are believed to be some of the smartest animals on the planet thanks to their ‘incredibly huge brains.’ That raccoons are very complicated in nature, having more wits about them than an average toddler, especially when it comes to thinking fast.

‘Raccoons are always loyal to their families and environment, they are often solitary animals that can be found close to garbage cans and can be very aggressive too, especially when they move in large groups,’ they write. ‘Raccoons are known to knock down bicycle riders and even take their foods. Raccoons are also intelligent in the way they raise their litters.’

Can they identify death? Process the gravity that comes with a car collossion? Carry the weight of immortality? I guess we’ll never know for sure. But boy it doesn’t look promising.

They’ve bought a puppy, but it didn’t stop growing

When Su Yun bought a dog a couple years ago, he was surprised by how much the dog was eating: “A bucket of fruits and a lot of noodles.” Soon the family discovered why the “puppy” had such a big appetite: what seemed to be be a dog, transformed into a huge bear.

The family realized that the “puppy” was walking in 2 legs and didn’t stop growing. “The more it grows, the more it looks like a bear. I am a scared by bears,” said Yun, a villager who lives near Kunming in Yunnan Province.

The animal was taken to Yunnan’s Wildlife Rescue Center after the family asked for help. Staff were so intimidated by the bear, so it was sedated before transport. The animal was identified as an extinct Asian black bear, which would cost thousands of pounds if sold on the black market.

The family says they bought the animal believing he was a Tibetan mastiff during a vacation in 2016.