Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is yearly on the the list of the most visited or recommended destinations worldwide. In 2018, it reached “Top 25 Destinations in the World” according to TripAdvisor and is the second recommendation in the South American ranking. It is a must-see!
The metropolis is famous for the world’s largest carnival, the Maracana stadium, the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, the beautiful mountains for beautiful music, Cristo Redentor – one of the new wonders of the world.


Lisbon has everything you want: colorful neighborhoods that are the the best place for a walk, cool uber spots, palates worth visiting, sensational food markets, a tram called desire and incredible landscapes. Besides all this, the temperature is one that urges you to visit this city. In January the temperature is around 64.4 (18 Celsius).


“The Magic City,” “The Golden City,” “The City of the 100 Tours”, “Paris of the East” are some names of Prague. Set on five hills on both sides of the Vltava River, the capital of the Czech Republic is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A walk through Prague is a walk through the centuries. The home town of Einstein, Mozart, Kepler, Kafka, Prague is a testimony of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, or modern art.


Paris is a large city on the surface, and in the underground it doubles as surface. Full of history, secrets and mysteries for over 2000 years. Paris catacombs are known all over the world, and if cathedrals and museums are not enough, adventurers will certainly be delighted with a vacation in the capital of France.


Imagine yourself there in the morning light, with the gondolas near wooden poles rolling across the Grand Canal. Venice is a quiet, unique city, an almost unimaginable beauty. The City of Mastiffs is the head of the UNESCO Heritage List, a fragile cultural monument to be protected.