Prince Harry and Meghan Markle donated the flowers that decorated St. George’s Chapel and Windsor Castle to hospice patients in London.

Representatives of the St. Joseph’s Hospice, one of the nursing homes in London who benefited from a “surprise” from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, posted a thank-you message to the Royal Couple on Facebook, along with a photo of a very happy woman holding the beautiful flowers. “Today we got a very special delivery. Beautiful bouquets made from the #royalwedding flowers which we gave to our patients. A big thank you to Harry and Meghan and florist Philippa Craddock. Our hospice smells and looks gorgeous. Such a lovely gesture ❤️ ”

The bouquets were made of peonies and white garden roses, many of the flowers coming from the Royal gardens and from the Windsor Grand Park.

Philippa Craddock and a team of floral designers from Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle made all the flower arrangements and the total cost was $ 130,000.

FOTO Press Association

FOTO Press Association

Pauline Clayton (89), one of London’s elderly patients, was delighted and excited by the gesture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The woman confessed that in her youth she was a seamstress and was part of the designer’s Sir Norman Hartnell team, the one who dealt with the Queen’s wedding dress. The old woman said the gesture was “delightful,” and if she was in the bride’s place “she would have kept all of her (flowers) for her only.” Pauline Clayton says she was only 19 years old when she had the opportunity to work for more than 49 hours on the wedding dress of the Queen of Britain. “I remember that I was very excited, and my father was also very excited. I was not allowed to say anything to anyone, because everything had to be done in secret. Otherwise, I could even have been persecuted, “remembers the old woman.