Have you heard of HouseholdHackers? They are the best life hack “advisers” you can find. And I’m not the only one saying it. It seems that this guys have took over the internet with all the cool tips they transmit through their videos. Once you’ll watch some of their videos, if you haven’t done it already, you will understand what I am talking about. I propose you start with the video down below where they are going to teach you 10 things about vinegar.
As you might know vinegar is a liquid produced by a fermentation process and contains water and acetic acid. Depending of the source material used in producing the vinegar we can find a lot of varieties. We have fruit vinegar, mostly made out of fruit wine, my beloved balsamic vinegar, made from concentrated juice of the Italian white Trebbiano grapes, vinegar made from sugarcane, grains or alcohol.

Even though it is mainly being used as a culinary ingredient, in both cooking and pickling, with all this variety it is not a surprise that vinegar has many other areas of use. From back in the days it has been used in households, folk medicine, being proven to have antibacterial properties, and also in agriculture and horticulture.
Even today vinegar is still being considered as being very useful in and around the house. But is it being used at is full potential as some might say? Me for example I didn’t know of many of the tips these ingenious guys are sharing with us in the video below.
Watch the vinegar life hacks video and share it with your friends. Let’s see if you were already using some of them in your household.